M.Tech Thesis Table

Books List

Title Name Programmme Year Entry Number Supervisor 1 Name Supervisor 2 Name
hydrostatic extrusion-a theoretical investigation and design and construction of experimental rig MR.Paul Mathias PGD 1967 PGDPIE97 Juneja B.L
mass and heat transfer from circular finned cylinder Raj pal kapor applied thermo science 1968 1 charan V
digital simulation of EOT CRANES OPERATION IN A FOUNDARY SHOP K Raghvendara Rao MEP 1968 2 Ahuja B.K
Unsteady pressure and temperature in exhaust system of IC engines Ram Karan Sharma MET 1968 3 Garg R.D
Study of movement and detention of railways wagons carrying raw materials for a steel plant V P Tarikha MEI 1968 4 Ahuja B.K
Concept and application of value engineering Surendra Nath Agrawal MEI 1968 5 Ahuja B.K
Slicate bonded Sands and their testing R sagar 5 yr ME 1968 6 Sethi S C
Instalation,analysis and performance of philips cryogeneretor Radhe Shyam Agarwal MET 1969 1 Sahuja S N Arora C P
Somestudies on pricision time measurment of perpetual motor tasks M K Sharma MEP 1969 38 Ahuja B.K
Design ,fabrication and testing of a 30*18 variable pressure gradient low turbulence subsonic wind tunnel A P Saluja MET 1969 3 Malhotra R.C
Design and fabrication of force platform for work measurment studies Shri Krishna Singh MEP 1969 40 Ahuja B.K Juneja B.L
Design of a route structure for a public transport compant V K Chopra MEP 1969 32 Ahuja B.K
Workforce planning for variable workload R K Sachdeva MEP 1969 34 Ahuja B.K
Assembly line balancing problem Ravi Shankar Sharma MEP 1969 36 Ahuja B.K Agrawal R.K
Operating characteristic of heat pump ground coil and its effect on soil temperature distribution R S Agrawal 1969 12 Saluja S.N Arora C.P
A study of detention of railways wagon in steel plant N Ganeshan 1969 37 Ahuja B.K
Investigation on process capability, design for selective assembly and estimation of life of a ball bearing B R Wadhawan 1969 39 Tewari NK
Performance study of a solar water heater and transient heat conduction problem of storage tank S Sankarrao Velluri 1969 15 Arora C.P Saluja S.N
Vapour liquid equlibrium of R12 and R14 mixture M S Kaiwar 1969 14 Arora C.P
Measurment and analysis of rate of fuel injection R R Gaur 1969 17 Garg R.D
A study of job shop scheduling C M Dhingara 1969 41 Ahuja B.K
Design and fabrication of drop tool mechanism Avinash Chandra Agrawal 1969 19 Tewari NK
Non steady flow in centrifugal compressor D L Nagpal M.Tech 1970 210 Garg R D
Saturated nucleate pool boiling at low pressures Vijay Kumar Kaliya M.Tech 1970 208 Anand R K
A dissertation on design of an assembly line Yogendra N Bhargav MEE 1970 203 Sihra M S
Steam turbine blade erosion J P Narayan M.Tech 1970 Mital N K John
Varaible parameters in condensation heat transfer Gopi Krishna Agrawal MET 1970 213 Saluja S.N Arora
Fluid dynamics and heat transfer characteristic of an imping jet Vinod kumar Mahendu MET 1970 6 Anand R.K
Demand estimation of spare parts S K Juneja 1970 205 Juneja S.K
Design and Analysis of New Model Charkha Suman Kumar Sahu MEM 2019 2017MEM2526 Saha S.K. Rama Krishna K
Cummulative sum chart ans ARL curve Mamchand MEI 1970 9 Mittal R.N
Inprocess inventory controland scheduling of multioperation item Anil Kumar Dua MEI 1970 17 Sihra M.S
Economic evaluation of man machine system M P Singh MEP 1970 11 Mahajan J.M
Manpower estimation for inspection and optimization of inspection plant Paramjit Singh MEP 1970 201 Ahuja B.K
An analysis of wagaon movement in steel plant MS Srinivasa Ramanujam MEP&I 1970 202 Ahuja B.K
Performance of low aspect ratio axial flow turbomachinery Ashok Kumar Anand MET 1970 14 Yahya S.M Malhota
A warehousing problem N Paramjyoti 1970 204 Vrat P
Machine interference study in a textile mills B.M Joshi 1970 Ahuja B.K
Varaible parameters in condensation heat transfer Gopi Krishna Agrawal MET 1970 Saluja S.N Arora
Fluid dynamics and heat transfer characteristic of an imping jet Vinod kumar Mahendu MET 1970 Anand R.K
Demand estimation of spare parts S K Juneja 1970 Juneja S.K
A study of some of human factors affecting the inspection task and inspector performance K Kameshwaram MEP 1970 15 Ahuja B.K
Cummulative sum chart ans ARL curve Mamchand MEI 1970 Mittal R.N
Inprocess inventory controland scheduling of multioperation item Anil Kumar Dua MEI 1970 Sihra M.S
Economic evaluation of man machine system M P Singh MEP 1970 Mahajan J.M
Manpower estimation for inspection and optimization of inspection plant Paramjit Singh MEP 1970 Ahuja B.K
An analysis of wagaon movement in steel plant MS Srinivasa Ramanujam MEP&I 1970 Ahuja B.K
Performance of low aspect ratio axial flow turbomachinery Ashok Kumar Anand MET 1970 Yahya S.M Malhota
A warehousing problem N Paramjyoti 1970 204 Vrat P
Machine interference study in a textile mills B.M Joshi 1970 Ahuja B.K
Design of computerised scheduling system A B Walimbi M.Tech in IP 1971 307 Dhingra C M
investigation into the blending of freon-12 in freon 22 balkrishna bhalla M.tech 1971 312 arora C.P
Methods engineering in Agricultural Productivity Asang Machwe 5yr M.Tech 1971 2 Ahuja B K
Measurement of the age to indian resonance of plutonium -Beryllium source neutrons in air water mixtures Shravan k Gupta Mtech 1972 1 Gupta S.K.
Parametric studies of diesel engine on digital computer Jagota Mtech 1972 326 Gaur R.R. Garg R.D.
Numerical control of a machine tool Shekhar Mtech 1972 305 Sud D.K.
Product development in a small scale industry and a study in micromotion analysis P. Garg Mtech I&P 1972 Mahajan J.M.
Air pollution from steel industry Shankar Jha Mtech 1972 321 Mathur H.D.
Distribution route design G. Agrawal Mtech I&P 1972 312 Dhingra C.M.
Losses in partial admission axial flow reaction turbine Prakash Agrawal Mtech 1972 325 Yahya S.M.
Design of a vane pump Singh Sran Mtech 1972 Awasthi K.L.
Optimisation of pallet size and pallet layout Dev Mtech I&P 1972 311 Dhingra C.M.
contouring machine design and development inder kumar sharma Mtech 1973 9 sharma J.P
technological study and application of linear programing for agruculture sector s.s bhushnam Mtech 1973 11 ahuja B.K
desigmn analysis of hydraulic servo T.S krishnadev mtech 1973 302 prasad L.V
economic transportation of fertilizers S.C Minocha mtech 1973 311 dhingra C.M.
application of standard data system in machine shop inder kumar khanna mtech 1973 317 Tewari N.K
pool boiling under vacum condition G.S Yadava mtech 1973 332 chawla O.P
A study of classification and economics in group technology S. S. Sarma Mtech 1974 357 Tewari N.K.
An evaluation of assembly line balancing models with Zoning and fixed facility restrictions V. K. Gupta Mtech I&P 1974 320 Muthu K.K.
Mechanism for machining fresnel condenser Sukumar Kolay Mtech 1974 306 Kumar V.
Optimal scheduling of vechiles for city transport K. Gopalkrishnan Nair Mtech 1974 323 Dhingra C.M.
An experimental investigation of shrinkage and distortion in welding Gurdip Singh mtech 1974 5 Rao U.R.K.
Design of centering and edging machine D. M. Dantwala Mtech 1974 308 Nakra B.C.
Design of hydrostatic slideway for a lathe Amarjit Singh Chaggar Mtech 1974 307 Sharma J.P.
Design of powder metallurgy Unit Om Prakash Mtech 1974 303 Prasad L.V.
An organization and method study Girish Bhatnagar Mtech 1974 13 Khedkar C.S. Deshpande V.G.
Value analysis of easy ride torsion bar suspension sheet Sunil Manaktala M.TECH 1975 73ME47 Vrat Prem Gupta A D
Financial analysis of comercial project S Mukhopdhyay M.TECH 1975 Dhingra C M
Experimental investigation for the determination of suitable location of stifffning ribs for the horizontal broching machine bed Anil K Bansal M.TECH 1975 73ME57 Pujara K K
Application of network techniques in the maintinance scheduling of boeing aircraft Sudhir Kumar gupta M.TECH in IP 1975 Mahajan J M
Computer oriented analysis and design of pressure vessel nozle junction Sanjeev Kumar Bhargav M.TECH 1975 5 Sekhon G S
Some asspects of design fabrication and performance pridiction of turbo charger component Gyan P Govil M.TECH 1975 Garg R D
Design of surface hardening device for machine tool slideways A. Chandrasekhar kumar M.TECH 1975 7 Awasthi K L
Fatigue of machine member under random loading Jug Mohan Gupta M.TECH 1975 73ME12 Gupta K N
Experimental investigation into the mechanics of oblique cutting B P Sarmah M.TECH in IP 1975 Juneja B L Sagar R
development of system that palnd and optimizes of manufacturing system N K Jha M.TECH in IP 1975 Rao U R K
Feasiblity study & thermal design of a 7.5-ton Aqua- Ammonia vapour absorption refrigeration system S. K. Gupta Mtech 1976 1 Agarwal R.S. Dhar P.L.
Experimental investigation of heat of mixing of DMF-R22 system Sudarshan singh Mtech 1976 2 Agarwal R.S.
Design fabrication and experimentation of sea water desalination plant using steam ejector vapour compression M. K. Aggarwal Mtech 1976 3 Agarwal R.S.
Design and fabrication of roller die drawing rig and study of drawing rectangular solid and hollow section Sham sunder bhasin Mtech 1976 4 Juneja B.L.
Application of scientific inventory management princples in a manufacturing industry Padam Prakash Mtech 1976 Mahajan J.M.
Application of quality control methods in brewing industry S. P. Chaudhary M I 1976 74ME85 Mahajan J.M.
Vibration isolation using commercial isolators P. K. Malhotra Mtech 1976 74ME54 Gupta K.N.
Design of 4 high experimental rolling mill Pulin P. Jardosh Mtech 1976 8 Gandhi O.P. Sharma J.P.
An investigation of residual stresses in the quenching process Jugal Kishore Rai Mtech 1976 74ME61 Rao U.R.K. Mishra A.
cost based burdening of blast furnace Sudhir kumar Seth Mtech 1976 73ME55 Dhingra C.M.
Identification of the manufacturing system for the turning process M. Ramulu Mtech 1976 11 Rao U.R.K.
optimum life of fleet automobile R N Wadhawan Mtech 1976 Dhingra C.M.
Computer simulation and optimization of flodded chillers A K Jain Mtech 1976 Dhar P.L.
Establishment of time standards for tools fabrications Rishi Pal Mtech 1976 74ME81 Dhingra C.M.
Design and development of variable delivery pump C. B. Hemvani Mtech 1976 74ME60 Prasad L.V. Bansal O.P.
Investigation of mechanized assembly and design and fabrication of fluidic controlled pick and place device Sarvesh k kumar rajya Mtech 1976 Tewari N.K.
Computerised layout design of ferrite divison for C.E.I K. C. Mishra Mtech 1976 Mahajan J.M.
Design of preventive maintenance system R. Krishnan Mtech 1976 74ME78 Gupta A.D.
Numerical investigation of heat transfer in rectangular fin arrays A K Rastogi M.Tech 1977 1 Dhar P L
Condensation heat transfer coefficient of R12 and mix of R12 and R13 inside a horizontal tube Sudarshan Sharma MET 1977 2 Agarwal R S
Signature analysis of rotating machines S K Bagga M.Tech 1977 Nakra B C
Optimization of transport mechanisms Shri chand H Asnani M.Tech 1977 Asnani S H
Process Economics and flange extrusion R K Gupta M.Tech 1977 74ME30 Gupta R K
Enhancement of productivity of an existing plant Kamal K Bharani MEP 1977 6 Juneja B L
Analysis and development of management information dystem for personal directorate of SAIL C S Gandhi M.Tech 1977 Dhingra C M
Evaluation of the performance of shock absorbers S K Khatri M.Tech 1977 8 Nakra B C
A study in steckel rolloing Jitendra Nath Vohra MEP 1977 Juneja B L
A numerical study on finn arrays Mukesh Kumar Duggal M.Tech 1977 Dhar P L
Dynamic caracteristic of cantilever blades and design of test frame B V Nagendra Sarma M.Tech 1977 Rao J S Gupta K N
study of material flow in forging Alok kumar Garg M.Tech 1977 Juneja B L Sagar R
optimal national physical distribution planing of coal Shailendra jain M.Tech 1977 13 Vrat Prem
A study of plant location method Arun Kanda M.Tech 1977 14 Sharma K D Ahuja B K
A physical distribution managnment problem with northern railways stores department R K mathur M.Tech 1977
An investigation of a new die profile (TRACON) for deep drawing without blank holder Sushil kumar jain M.Tech 1977 Juneja B L
Study of point contact EHD of low elasticity modulus Subhash Chandra Sharma MED 1978 1 Biswas S.
Spare parts management of diesel locomotives in northern railway M. S. Sharma MEI 1978 76ME55 Mahajan J.M.
Computer aided method to study the effect of link elasticity and connection clearances in the function generating mechanism Mahesh Chandra MED 1978 3 Asnani T.S.
An innovative suggestion to a small tractor B. G. Muralidhar MED 1978 Sathyamurty S. Sharma J.P
Application of Dro systems to machine tools- centre lathe M. Prabhakar Reddy MEP 1978 Prakash A.
Investigation on performance of a vibratory feeder Rakesh Garg MED 1978 Tewari N.K.
Investigations on the effect of bearing support stiffness and damping on the rotor critical speeds D. Subrahmanyam MED 1978 76ME82 Nakra B.C.
Design of maintenance policies using mathematical models S. P. Tanwar MEI 1978 76ME54 Gupta A.D.
Two level inventory control in H.E.C. ranchi Alok Varma MEI 1978 9 Vrat P.
Effect of roll lubrication on roll wear in the finishing stand of rail & structural mill bhilai Anil Kumar Anand MEP 1978 76ME34 Majumdar R.B. Juneja B.L
Study of shift work system Shyam Bihari Singh MEI 1978 Ahuja B.K.
Performance evaluation of P.T.F.S. sector and bearing S. Sundar MED 1978 76ME88 Sharma J.P. Gandhi O.P.
Investigation of failure of runner blades at bhakra power house Dhrub Kumar Gupta MED 1978 Gupta K.N. Rao J.S.
Scheduling of stores delivery vans in eastern railway B. K. Gupta MEI 1978 14 Gupta A.D.
Optimum design and fabrication of a patient chair for standing up,sitting down and laying down for partially disabled persons Ramesh Chandra MED 1978 76ME78 Agarwal V.P.
Design and fabrication of an airblast freezer P. V. Ramachandran MET 1978 Agarwal R.S. Dhar P.L.
An application of group technology in a multi product company M. K. Mehta MEI 1979 77ME52 Gupta A.D.
Study of tool wear and tool life in intermittent cutting using carbide inserts A. K. Bajpai MEP 1979 2 Mittal R.N.
Unsteady blade lift process of a turbomachine stage Awadhesh Kumar Singh MET 1979
Computer aided programming for a numerically control milling machine Virendar Kumar MEP 1979 4 Tewari N.K.
Experimental investigation of swirl flow through vaneless radial diffuser with diverging walls G. S. Dixit MET 1979 Yahya S.M.
Disc-Blade-Shroud interaction Mahendra Singh MED 1979 77ME83 Rao J.S. Gupta K.N.
Evaluation of root damping in steam turbine blades O. P. Sharma MET 1979 7 RAo J.S.
Preventive maintenance policies using mathematical wear models and simulation J. P. Khanna MEI 1979 76ME52 Gupta A.D.
Design study of a pneumatic punch press Y. G. Kale MED 1979 77ME85 Prasad L.V.
Blade excitation and response Ramesh Chandra Nautiyal MED 1979 10 Raghavacharayulu E. Rao J.S.
Fore casting of air traffic intensity of indian airlines and scheduling the available aircraft fleet A. S. Sharma MEI 1979 76ME63 Kanda A.D.
Design,Development and fabrication of an active isolation system Anil Kumar Lall MED 1979 77ME80 Asnani N.T.
Computerised assembly line balancing in an electronic industry V. K. Gupta MEI 1979 13 Mahajan J.M.
Design of a needle filling machine for loose needle bearings Ashwini Kumar Agarwal MED 1979 Pujara K.K.
Plant layout and facilities planning P. K. Gupta MEI 1979 Vrat P.
Cost reduction in indirect materials Navroop S. Hanspal MEI 1979 77ME58 Ahuja B.K.
Development of a two-rowbullock driven paddy transplanter suitable for indian conditions S. Hussain MED 1979 77ME87 Agarwal V.P.
Dynamic analysis of two lobe bearings V. Sudhakar MED 1979 77ME105 Biswas S.
Preventive maintenance planning for garbage collection trucks Raj Kumar Singh MEI 1979 19 Seth K.
Performance test on solar ICE maker N Kumar MET 1979 77ME12 Dhar P.L.
Disc-Blade-Shroud interaction Mahendra Singh MED 1979 Rao J.S. Gupta K.N.
Design of a twin- rotor small gas turbine engine S. P. Dev MET 1979 22 Agrawal D.P.
Design,fabrication and testing of a gear rolling devices F.R.H. AL Noaman MEP 1979 77ME30 Juneja B.L.
Facilities planning and layout design- A case study Murli Rangnathan MEI 1979 77ME51 Kanda A.
A study of facilty layout & material handling for manufacture of refrigerators M. K. Tikko MEI 1979 77ME57 VRat P.
Design of preventive maintenance schedule : A case study H. V. Jain MEI 1979 76ME57 Gupta A.D.
Aspects of balancing large turboset rotors with particular refrence to bhel S. Bhattacharya MED 1979 27 Pujara K.K.
Carbon dioxide shielded gas arc welding Mohd. Kazem Montazerolghaem MEP 1979 28 Parmar R.S.
A study of friction in rods and tube drawing Rajiva Kumar Gupta MEP 1979 77ME27 Sagar R.
Warehouse location and inventory control for marketing divison of national textile corporation S. Rangrajan MEI 1979 77ME63 Vrat P.
Analysis of the power transmission system of Escort 335 tractor G. R. Marathe MED 1979 77ME84 Sharma J.P. Raman A.K.
Application of production flow analysis in a medium size batch manufacturing industry Eshwara Rao V. MEI 1979 77ME53 Tewari N.K. Ahuja B.K.
Computer aided investigations of some aspects of high specfic output performance of the four stroke diesel engine Satish Kumar Singal MET 1979 33 Gaur R.R.
Investigation towards the improvement of the performance of the surface grinding process Anand Prakash Verma MEp 1979 34 Rao U.R.K.
Study of two phase flow in steam turbine A. K. Zamindar Turbomachinery 1979 35 Agrawal D.P.
Computer aided performance prediction of a radial turbine for a turbochargers Dinesh Kumar Mehta MET 1980 78ME08 Agarwal D P
Planing preventive maintinance in fertilizer plant applying mathmatical models B L Tiwari MEE 1980 Gupta A D
Design of air blast freezer Sunil Kumar Tumbar MET 1980 Arora C P Dhar P L
Performance of a large area ratio radial diffusor Mohammed Shamim MET 1980 Agarwal D P Yahya S M
Study of effect of various parameters of brazing of mechanical properties of brazed joints H Shamim Matharu MEP 1980 5 Pramar R s
Vibration analysis of primary system mounted on a sandwitch beam R Kumar Malik M.TECH 1980 Gupta K N
Long range energy planing in the northen region of india Dipankar Mazumdar M.TECH 1980 7 Kanda Arun
surface integrity in cold rolling Mukesh Kumar Rastogi MEP 1980 Rao URK
Design and development of a low cost paddy transplanter Pramjeet Singh Bhorjee M.TECH 1980 9 Agarwal V P
Tungestion inert gas welding of stainless steel and aluminium N Kumar Kohli M.TECH 1980 Pramar R S
Lubrication and coating effect of shear spining of stainles steel tubes V Kumar Agarwal M.TECH 1980 Sharma J P
Dynamic analysis of machine tool structural elements C S Maikhuri MEP 1980 Asnani N T
Design of milling machine structure by FEM K Shekhar MEP 1980 78ME90 Natarajan R
Study of payment system in INDIAN Industries Audhesh Kumar Goel M.TECH 1980 78ME27 Juneja B L
Performance of carbide tool in intermittent cutting J Sunil Pamdey MEP 1980 78ME30 Juneja B L
Vibration response of FFRP sandwich beams and plates having core of rigid polyurethane foam s C Dang M.TECH 1980 77ME79 Gupta K N Prasad L V
Computer -added process planning P Sudhakar M.TECH 1980 17 Rao P N Rao U R K
Effect of upstream turbulence intensity on the performance of an axial flow compressor cascade S Kumar Pandey MET 1980 Sharma P B`
Systems approach to waste management in INDIA Sushil Kumar Agarwal MEE 1980 19 Vrat Prem
Computer prediction of staem power plant performance Deepinder Singh MET 1981 79ME06 Agrawal D.P Yahya S.M
Design of draft fans taking into account corrosion and erosion problem Subhas Chander Goomer 1981 78ME03 Yahya S.M
Sizing of stacks for modern thermal power station Sunil Katyal 1981 3 Agrawal D.P
Condensatation of R12-R13 mixture in a horizontal tube Ashwini kumar kachroo 1981 4 Dhar P.L Agrawal R.S.
Design and fabrication of one ton refrigerent 22dimethyl formamide vapor absorption system for solar refrigerent Dilip Kumar Agrawal 1981 79ME02 Arora C.P Agrawal R.S.
Inventory management of a regional blood distribution system a simulation model Ravind Mithe MEE 1981 79ME56 Vrat P
Optimization of LID opening mechanism,Needle stitching mechanism and modification of simple technique Gautam kumar Ray MED 1981 79ME83 Bansal O.P Agrawal V.P
Design analysis of a high pressure vessel and closure Romesh Kaul MED 1981 79ME76 Prasad L.V Natarajan R
Design and development of decision support system for product policies Shailendra jain MEE 1981 79ME53 Vrat Prem
Multicriterai mathmaticla model for financial planning Prevendra Kumar ME 1981 79ME52 Seth Kiran Singh N
Development of an auttomatic shoe polishing machine and analysis of the brushing system theoretically and experimently Nandlal Bhatia 1981 78ME76 Agrawal VP
Vibration analysis of ship propulsion system A B Patel MED 1981 79ME77 Nakra BC
Preventive maintenance planning using mathmatical model Asim Kumar Guha MEE 1981 13 Gupta AD
Computer programme for the unbalance response of flexible rotor bearing R Subbiah 1981 79ME85 Gupta KN
Studies on K& J fracture criteria by finite element method Chit Ranjan Pratap 1981 15 Gupta KH Pandey EE
Optimum shape design of a spanner for stress PVRP Sastry 1981 79ME79 Ramakrishna CV Gupta K
Friction and wear characteristics of graphite dispersed aluminium alloy Sanjeev Kumar Sharma 1981 17 Biswas S Sharma JP
Methodology for determination of optimum machine characteristic Naresh J Joshipara 1981 18 Rao URK Jha NK
Development of a two axis microprocessor based arc welding robot Vineet Prasad 1981 79ME20 Tiwari N.K
Response analysis of multirotor continuous shaft system on digital computer RPS Gahlaut 1981 20 Nakra BC
Design and performance analysis of a vertical axial wind rotor Baqridan Siddiquee MED 1981 79ME77 Raghava A.K Bansal O.P
Dynamic characteristic of hydrodynamic bearing Tapan kumar Ganguly MED 1981 79ME78 Gupta J.M Gupta K.N
Experimental study of flow induced vibration on a heat exchanger tube array in wind tunnel Sunil Kwatra MED 1981 79ME86 Pujara KK Chaudhary K.M
Design and fabrication of an automatic tool changer for numerical control machine Kishen P Wadhwani MEP 1981 24 Tiwari K
Dynamic Characteristic of cam and follower systems -Experimental and theoretical study Bakshi Lal Sachdeva 1981 25 Raghavachraylu E
Design of a quality assurance information reporting system for unitron limited Anil Kumar MEE 1981 79ME57 Kanda Arun
Numarical study of turbulent forced convective heat transfer in circular pipes S S kang MET 1982 80MET01 Malhotra Ashok
Thermodynamic property of amonia sodium thiocynate for VAS and cycle analysis Mahendra kumar Aroara MET 1982 77MET07 Agrawal R.S
Design and fabrication of 3 ton aqueous Lithium Bromide absorption air conditioning system Brajesh Kumar MET 1982 80MET10 Arora C.P
An investigation into the use og R12-R13 mixture in VCRS Joe Dsouza SM MET 1982 80MET011 Agrawal R.S
Instability in disc brake caliper system K K Rao MED 1982 80MED71 Gupta K Rao JS
Design and analysis of shock absorber R C Jha MED 1982 6 Nakara BC
Software development for a microprocessor based numerical control system Jayanth Neelam MEP 1982 80MEP22 Rao PN
Studies on the effect of different parameters on resistance spot welding characteristic in some aluminium alloys M Ramesh Chandra MEP 1982 78MEP26 Raman KS Parmar RS
Response of bladed disc assembly Saleem MED 1982 9 Rao JS
Computer based process planning Swayam Prakash MEI 1982 10 Rao PN
Life cycle costing in management of physical assets C O Jain MEI 1982 80MEI54 Singh N
Computerised project monitering system for an electronoc industry Prince mohan Kalia MEI 1982 79MEI61 Vrat P
Production scheduling of large resources under multi resources constrain-A heuristic approach Anand Kumar MEI 1982 79MEI54 Singh N
Effect of welding parameter on porosity in circular weld of Al byTIG welding Asoke Baran Chakraborty MEP 1982 80MEP33 Parmar R.S
Residual stress in surface ground mild steel specimen and surface grinding with tapered wheel Vanahala Veeraiah MEP 1982 80MEP27 Mittal R.N
Analticl senstivity nalysis of constrained machine economics problem through geometric programming PPS Madan MEP 1982 79MEP38 Singh N
Application of quality control techniques in a manufacturing industry Vinay Chhabra 1982 80MEP042 Gupta A.D
Simulation of queueing system in trunking networks Parmanand Singh 1982 80MEI50 Seth K
Planning for disaster relief an application to location of fire station in delhi Rajinder Kumar Mittal 1982 80MEI051 Kanda A
Effect of dressing and grinding parameter in surface grinding Umar Paul Dhawan 1982 20 Rao U.K
Noise in machine tools John Edwin MED 1982 80MED64 Pujara K.K
Real time scheduling and monitering of project Narendra Kumar 1982 80MET49 Singh N
Optimization of machine tool spindle system P.Jagan mohan Rao 1982 23 Mishra A Rao U.K
Natural frequency of heat exchanger tubes A. k Kohli MED 1982 80MED67 Nakara B.C
Computer simulation of railways braking system performance Srinivasan BharatNath 1982 25 Gupta K.N Nakara B.C
Design and fabrication of microprocessor based welding system for linear and circular welds Updesh Kumar 1982 26 Prakash A Parmar RS
Distribution planning -An application to cement transportation in India Kamlendu Shukla 1982 80MEI48 Kanda A
Repair and maintenance of machine tools Capt V K Sharma M.Tech 1982 28 Rao U R K
Heat transfer problem in petroleum crude pipelines Nikhil kumar MET 1983 81MET007 Malhotra Ashok
Design of turbomachinery blading against fatigue Nalinaksh S Vyas MS 1983 2 Rao J .S
Computer simulation of air cooled condensor using basic property relation for working fluid Rajesj kumar Jain M.Tech 1983 3 Agrawal R.S
Design and development of 7.5 tons syrup chilling plant based on VARS using R22 DMF mixture S P Chaudhary MET 1983 4 Agrawal R.S
Measurment of heat tranfer coefficient in enclosed air space R A Dubey MET 1983 5 Malhotra Ashok
Study of dynamic self acting valves of a reciprocating compressor using computer simulation Narendar singh grewal MET 1983 6 Sharma B.P Gupta K.N
Study of axial compressor cascade performance J K Mukhraiya MET 1983 7 Sharma B.P
Thermal enviorment control of a dwelling by passive techniques K k Kaushal MET 1983 8 Dhar P.L
Preventive maintenance policy and system design S K Sharma MEI 1983 80MEM56P Gupta A.D
To study influence of slideways on the overall performance of a machine tool B. Pandit MED 1983 81MED087 Mishra A
Development of computerised vendor rating system for Directorate General of supplies and disposals A K Chohdda 1983 11 Mahajan J.M
Process planning and control in a medium batch industry Narendar Asija MEI 1983 81MEP032 Tiwari N.K
Investigation on the dynamic properties of rubber isolators K.G Ravi Shankar MED 1983 13 Nakara B.C Gupta K.N
Value engineering of an electronoc equipments K Viswambharan MEI 1983 81MEI070 Vrat P
Vehical routing for milk distribution-A case study S.V.M Ratan Kumar MEI 1983 81MEI054 Kanda A
Cross flow induced vibratios and noise in tube arrays M.V Radhe Shyam MED 1983 81MED084 Nakara B.C Choudhary K.k
Value analysis of battery box and battery carrier S. C Chawlaa MEI 1983 17 Gupta A.D
Distribution planning of multiple commodities on a railway network Ehtesham Hasnain MEI 1983 81MEI069 Kanda A
Modelling and analysis of indian agricultural sector -A system dynamic approach G Nallappan MEI 1983 81MEI058 Singh N
Influence of wheel dessing parameters on surface integrity in grinding Devesh Singh MEP 1983 81MEP029 Mittal R.N
Optimum product mix and machine scheduling in a steel industry N Pradeep Kumar MEI 1983 81MEI059 Vrat P
Market survey and market growth strategy of a two wheel scooter company Mrigendra Kumar MEI 1983 81MEI082 Singh N
Tube drawing and sinking through roller dies Hera Lal Koul MEP 1983 81MEP038 Juneja B.L
Strength of symmetric laminates Ajay B Mathur MEP 1983 24 Mittal R.K Juneja B.L
Productivity measurment and analysis in a medium scale engineering firm Bipin kumar Jain MEP 1983 25 Singh N
An investigation of the correlation between grinding power and wheel surface condition Puneet Kumar MEP 1983 26 Mittal R.N
Design of preventive maintenance for landing gear of an aircraft A K Soni MEI 1983 81MEI053 Gupta A.D
Design,programming and validation of a system dynamics model to simulate the demand of Al-Sheets,sections and rods Yogesh Chandra Verma MEI 1983 81MEI068 Singh N
Value of information - An Experimental study in indian enviornment v K Sharma M.Tech 1983 Singh N
Performance study of an axial compressor rotor using hydraulic analogy Rayachoti Sasidhar MET 1984 82MET004 Rao J .S Sharma P.S.
A droplet evaporation model for predicting the heat realease in a compression ignition engine Anil Kumar MET 1984 82MEM018 Babu M.K.Gajend Subramanyam J.P
Study of start up behaviour in crude oil pipelines Anil Kumar Jain MET 1984 82MET001 Malhotra Ashok
Heat rate studies of a 210 MW plant M.N Chakravarty MET 1984 4 Garg R D
Performance of a twisted blade turbine cascade Pyare Lal MET 1984 83MET008 Rai Lajpat
Computer simulation of an aqua -ammonia absorption refrigerent system R K Sharma MET 1984 82MET020 Agrawal R.S
Computer aided analysis and design of single compressor cascade system using non-azeotropic R12-R13 mixture V Thyagarajan MET 1984 83MET007 Agrawal R.S
Measurmrnt of unstedu blade forces in a compressor stag of a gas turbine using modified hydraulic analogy M G Yazdani MET 1984 83MET014 Sharma P.B Seshadri V
Optimization studies on steam power plant component Amarjeet Singh MET 1984 9 Rai Lajpat Agrawal D.P
Bus maintenance planning with computer simulation N Seshagiri Rao MEI 1984 83MEI067 Singh N
Resources constrained project scheduling Vanam Sathaiah MEI 1984 82MEI049 Kanda A
Software development for MDI of drilling and millling on a micro development system P Venkataramana MEP 1984 82MEP026 Rao P.N
Slotted disc feeder design and experimental analysis T Ravi Kumar MEP 1984 82MEP024 Tiwari N.K
Study the design of chatter free lathe tools RaviKumar R Murthy MED 1984 83MED094 Kundra T
Factorial techniques for weld bead quality prediction -MIG welding J Raveendra MEP 1984 82MEP028 Parmar R.S
Rigid link balancing of a four bar mechanism-Experimental and theoretical study Jayant Kumar Pimple MED 1984 82MED061 Raghvacharylu E
Spnning of Al- tubes can experimental investigation VR Gopal Reddy MEP 1984 82MEP030 Junrja B.L
Modelling and analysis of marble industry of Rajasthan Mahesh Rajoria MEI 1984 82MEI048 Singh N
Unbalance response of flexible rotors R Bhat C.H MEd 1984 82MED071 Athre K Gupta K.N
Long range corporate planning for an Al industry -A system dynamic approach Vijay Kumar Goel MEI 1984 82MEI050 Singh N
Design, development and analysis of a pneumatics liquid level control system Chandan Deb MED 1984 82MED063 Asnani N.T Nakara B.C
Development of microprocessor based NC punch press GAV Satya Narayan MEP 1984 82MEP022 Rao P.N Moolchandani R
Wear studies of coated and uncoated carbides Narendra P Pandey MEP 1984 82MEP029 Mittal R.N
Computer aided analysis of machine tool structures Ajay A Mehta MED 1984 82MED062 Asnani N.T
Assembly line balancing in a shock absorber plant Sunil Datta MEI 1984 82MEI044 Mahajan J.M
Modelling and analysis of Indian textile industry D N Panda MEI 1984 83MEI068 Singh N
Stability and unbalance behaviour of flexible damped mulimass flexible rotor bearing system N N Chauhan MED 1984 27 Gupta K
Maintenance inventory and manpower planning in a transport corportation -An integrated approach Pradeep Singh Kharola MEI 1984 28 Vrat P
Cross flow induced vibration in heat exchanger tube and tube bank S K Verma MED 1984 82MED072 Nakara B.C Chaudhary K.C
Development,Promotion and commrcialization of solar energy technology-An integrated approach Anil Kumar MEI 1984 82MEI047 Kanda A
Design and trasient analysis of a shut down system for a nuclear reactor SA Bhardwaj MED 1984 31 Agrawal V.P
Cross rolling of Al-tubes KSN Murthy MEP 1984 32 Junrja B.L
Studies on surface grinding Raj Mohan Singh MEP 1984 33 Mittal R.N
Goal programming application to a thermal power project V K Gupta MEI 1984 34 Kanda A
Computer aided analysis of machine tool structure B Venkateswarlu MEF 1984 82MED067 Mishra A
Vibration Characteristic of multistage disc blade shroud assemblies L Ganesha MED 1984 36 Rao J.S
Multiproject Scheduling with due dates and resources transfer Vikas Rajan Atrey MEI 1984 Kanda A
Effect of mode of metal transfer in saw on weld bead geometry S Thiagarajan MEP 1984 38 Parmar R.S
Effect of casing treatment on a stall margin of contra rotating axial flow compressor Z Chowdhury MET 1984 83MET013 Sharma P.B Chaudhary K.K
Regional development planning for Indore region -a system dynamic approach Chandrakant D Patil MEI 1984 82MEI059 Singh N
Design of management information system for an electronic industry Srinivas Kumar MEI 1984 41 Vrat P
Appraisal of viability -Study of small scale manufacturing unit & industrial sickness Hari Rajani MEI 1984 81MEI063 Mahajan J.M
Optimization of gujrat refinery operations D K Agrawal MEI 1984 43 Kanda A
Relevance of C- Machine tools in INDIA k V Krishna MEP 1984 82MEP023 Sagar R
Performance study of fluid grinding Manoj Kumar Mishra MEP 1984 45 Mittal R.N
Cost Reduction studies on a two wheeler -A valve engineering approach V Vidyasagar MEI 1984 82MEI043 Mahajan J.M
Syudy of laminar heat transfer to bingham plastic for burried crude oil pipeline application Mridul Gautam MET 1984 82MET002 Malhotra A
Sytudy on orthogonal control contact cutting Kailash Mahajan MEP 1984 82MEP035 Mittal R.N
Assesment of the effect of vibration on surface finish in turning G R Mehta MEP 1984 49 Rao P.N
Computer aided design of switching mechanism R Shankaran MED 1984 83MED095 Raghvacharylu E
Design, fabrication and performance of packed bed absorbent tower for abatement of combustion generated SO2 pollution R Verma MET 1984 82MET010 Mathur H.B Pal K
Application of quality control techniques to thae compresor of arefrigerator ashoke Kumar MEI 1984 82MEI045 Gupta A.D
Theoretical and experimental studies on adual fuel indirect injection diesel engine Rafiqul Islam MET 1984 83MET015 Subramanyam J.P Babu M.K.B
Optimum aerodynamic design of centrifugal pump fan S Jawahar Babu MET 1984 83MET009 Agrawal D.P
Development of microprocessor based tripple axis welding machine Y V Srinivas MEP 1984 82MEP025 Parmar R.S
Development of management information system for computer maintenance in ORG system Deepak Sharma 1985 82MEI054 Gupta A.D
CAD of weld bead geometry for synergic pulse GMAW R Senthil Kumar MEP 1985 84MEP035 Parmar R.S
Optimization of the process house in a textile industry Pankaj Kumar 1985 3 Kanda A
Computer aided optimum design of structural machine elements subjected to dynamic loading Rakesh Kumar Gupta 1985 4 Asnani N.T
Performance prediction of turbogenerator and boiler in 210MW steam power plant Shankar Bandyopadhyay MET 1985 82MET015 Agrawal D.P Rai L
Computer simulation of braking distance for vaccume braked trains Vivek Sonkar MED 1985 6 Nakara B.C Gupta K.N
Computerized material requirment planning A case study Sanjay Kumar Jain MEI 1985 7 Singh N
Studies on analysis and design of mechanical seals S Yadvendra MED 1985 82MED075 Gupta K.N
Overhaul and replacement decision for capital equipment P K Majumdar MEI 1985 84MEP043 Majumdar P.K
Long term power planning in India S H Khan MEI 1985 10 Mahajan J.M
Investigation in burnishing process Chandra Kant Singh MEO 1985 84MEP032 Rao U.R.K
Computer aided thermal analysis of welding process Jai Narayan Yadav MED 1985 12 Mishra A
An Investigation of design of a heat exchanger -Stator water cooler Shrad K Varshney MET 1985 80MET014 Chawla O.P Malhotra A
Flow calculations in centrifugal fan impeller by finite elements method Srikanta Acharya MET 1985 84MET008 Yahya S.M Agarwal D.P
Thermal performance of an air cooled finned tube Bibhuti Nath Jha MET 1985 15 Gupta S.K
Development of mathmatical model for angular disrortion in butt welds S K Arya MEP 1985 84MEP044 Parmar R.S
Optimization of refinery operation -Barauni G Ananth Narayan MEI 1985 84MEI080 Kanda A
Assembly line balancing and modernization for a unit manufacturing control devices Y K Dak MEI 1985 84MEI065 Mahajan J.M
Determination of optical preventive maintenance by computer simulation Kamleswar Pal MEI 1985 82MEI058 Singh N
Fabrication and testing of Nichrome wire reinforced aluminium composite Shahi D R MEP 1985 20 Sagar R Mittal R.K
Design study of a heat exchanger S G Mishra MED 1985 21 Prasad L.V
Some studies in linear multicriterion optimization with application Ramesh Pal MEI 1985 84MEI069 Singh N
Fan for modern steam generator and site testing of variable pitch axial fan Dev Raj MET 1985 84MEP042 Agrawal D.P
An investigation in grinding of cast iron for piston rings Amitabh Vyas 1985 83MEP032 Juneja B.L
Experimental determination of convective heat transfer coefficient and surface roughness of regenerator channel S P Varma MET 1985 84MET009 Chawla O.P Malhotra A
An investigation in drilling J. J Goliwadekar MEP 1985 83MEP041 Juneja B.L
Management information system for production and store function of M/S Majestic auto ltd S S Multani 1985 82MEI052 Kanda A
Reliability analysis of Direct K-out of NG system Atul Gupta 1985 Seth K
Thermal and vibration stress analysis of turbine blade Anjani Kumar MED 1985 84MED099 Gupta K
Development of acomputer code for design of a gas turbine stage K Nayudu MED 1985 30 Rai L
Designing preventive maintenance strategies using mathmatical model D Guha MEI 1985 31 Gupta A.D
Development of microprocessor based PCB drilling machine Shirish Kare MEP 1985 84MEP037 Agrawal A.K Rao P.N
Performance investigation of aerofoiled forward curved centrifugal impeller J BhaumiK MET 1985 82MET013 Agrawal D.P
Design and analysis of 10 ROW automatic paddy transplanter S S Kohli MED 1985 34 Agrawal V.P
A study of steam condensor for 210 MW unit Vidyadhar Fadnavis MET 1985 35 Gupta S.K Sharma P.B
Computer aided analysis of heat transformer K c Jha MET 1985 83MET001 Agrawal R.S
Computer aided analysis of turbo absorption system Ajay Kumar Agrawal MET 1985 37 Agrawal R.S
A nucleate pool boiling study of freon -11 Upendra Vasishth MET 1985 84MET086 Gupta S.K
Application of value engineering techniques to a housing project at Noida J M Sachdeva 1986 1 Gupta A.D
Study of combustion duration and performance of a four stroke SI engine with a turbulence generator in the inlet pipe Satish Shah MET 1986 85MET019 Subramanyam J.P
Mechanised feeding of small part in automobile production Anoop Rawat MEP 1986 Tewari N.K
Effect of modes of metal transfer on mettalurgical property for MIG welding Sudhir Kumar MEP 1986 Pandey R.K Parmar R.S
Studies of an exact algorithm for resources constrained project scheduling Ramkrishna Khandelwal MEI 1986 5 Kanda A
Investigation into burnishing process Mukul Gaur ME 1986 6 Rao U.K
Effect of surface pattern on die-work material inteference lubrication and study of barreling of billets R Lakshmipathy MEP 1986 83MEP040 Sagar R
A study to improve the effectiveness of operator in a TV industry Divakar Rajamani MEI 1986 Kanda A
A nucleate pool boiling study of Freon-11 Upendra Vasishth MET 1986 9 Gupta S.K
Computer aided prediction of thermal performance of induced draught cooling tower Y.S Goel MET 1986 10 Dhar P.L
Application of value engineering techniques to a portablebunk houses of ONGC L M Gupta MEI 1986 11 Gupta A.D
Feasibility of using modified hydraulic analogy for studying the performance of a compressor stage Kapil Dev Gupta MED 1986 84MED102 Ragjvacharlyu E Seshadri V
A brief study of LSHS/HPS and experimental investigation of behaviour of LSHS/HPS during cooling Tapan Pal MET 1986 82MET018 Gupta S.K
Development of microprocessor controlled welding robot Basavraj C Ullagaddi MEP 1986 85MEP036 Sud S.K Parmar R.S
FMS-overview planning and simulation Manoj Kumar Agarwal MEI 1986 85MEP039 Rao U.R.K
Computer aided design of switching mechanism Bharat Bhushan MED 1986 Ragjvacharlyu E
Computer aided process planning for CNC machining centre V Srinivas MEP 1986 85MEP038 Rao P.N
Study of partially observed markov decision process and development programme B Nagaraju MEI 1986 85MET083 Seth K
Investigation in vaned radial diffuser for a centrifugal compressor A M Balraj MET 1986 84MET010 Yahya S.M Agrawal D.P
Computer aided design of forging die Yuvraj B Shahare MEP 1986 83MEP039 Sagar R
Some studies on tractor hitch mechanism Vivek Swamy MED 1986 Ragjvacharlyu E
Measurement analysis and improvement of productivity in a watch manufacturing plant Kuldeep Kumar Bhat MEI 1986 85MET082 Kanda A
Estimation of deformation due to Bending in PAD Thrust Bearing Sandeep Garg M.TECH 1987 1 Athre k Biswas S
Some studies on underwater welding of high strength low alloy steels G k purohit M.TECH 1987 2 Parmar R S
Thermal distortion in PADS of a thrust bearing Ramakant Bhera M.TECH 1987 Pujara K K
Identification of diagnosis revival and nursing of sick industrial unit E narayana Rao MEP 1987 4 Juneja B L
Application of value engg technique to DC electromagnetic brake of bhartiya cutler hammer Prabhat Kumar Saxena MEE 1987 5 Gupta A D
Experimental investigation of turbine blade vibration Rajnish Kumar Sinha M.TECH 1987 Gupta K
Design of corporate monitering and control system for a large engg manufacturing organisation Babu Lal MEE 1987 Gupta A D
Automatic inspection system Venkat Rao G MEP 1987 8 Prakash Anand Rao U R K
Dynamic response of railway bugie for acceleration amplitude due to harmonic track in regularities Sanjay Beniwal M.TECH 1987 9 Nakra B C
In-process gauging on cylinderical grinding machine for external diameter S S KOlkandikar MEP 1987 10 Juneja B L
Lubricant viscosity vibration inpad bearing K M Ramakrishna M.TECH 1987 86MED051 Biswas S Athre K
An improved layout plan for ISBT Dinesh Kumar Chhablani MEE 1987 12 Seth Kiran
Modal animation software for dynamic system P M Jat M.TECH 1987 13 Kundara T K
Development of an intigrated solid and surface modeller for mechanical engg application R Chandran M.TECH 1987 14 Ramakrishnan C V Raghavacharyulu E
To study the behavior of emulsion in rolling contact G R Nagpal M.TECH 1987 Mishra A
Some investigation of mixing of confined multi-coaxial swirling jets Harish Chander Aggarwal M.TECH 1987 85MET005 Aggarwal D P Singh S N
A CAM system for turned componentswith graphical simulation Amarjeet Singh M.TECH 1987 17 Rao P N
Group technology in CNC machining center Deepak Gupta MEP 1987 18 Tiwari N K
Productivity improvement studies for HMT srinagar Ashok Koul MEE 1987 19 Kundara Arun
Design and fabrication of wear study machine G S Ravi Kumar M.TECH 1987 20 Pujara K K
Development of crankshaft in S.G iron and comparison with conventional forged steel crankshaft S Srikumar MEE 1987 21 Mahajan J M
Simulation of Flexible manufacturing system P C Kulkarni MEP 1987 22 Rao U R K
Application of value analysis technique in a machine tool Neeraj Mishra MEP 1987 23 Mahajan J M
Optimising milling process parameters for aluminium alloy Sanjay Wakhaloo MEP 1987 85MEP036 Rao P N
Value analysis study of refrigarator door and body assembly Ashok Regmi MEE 1987 Gupta A D
Design of manufacturing system using graphical simulation Anjan ChaudhurI MEP 1987 26 Rao P N
Some study on surfacing by metal inert gas welding process LT COL Satinder Sondhi MEP 1987 27 Pandey R K
Building an expert system Sandeep Kumar Khurana M.TECH 1987 28 Chandra V
Routing and scheduling of good trains on a railway network Suresh Garg M.TECH 1987 Kanda Arun
Study of streamling material flow for manufacture of refrigerator Dinvya Shankar Sharma MEE 1987 85MEI081 Vrat Prem
Value engg of a product use in communication equipment Shyamal Kumar Haldar MEE 1987 83MEI079 Gupta A D
Project planning applied to overhauling of a 210 MW turbine generator set Ratan Kumar Sinha M.TECH 1987 84MEI081 Kanda Arun
Development of MRP system for BHEL haridwar Ramesh Rastogi MEP 1987 33 Kanda Arun
Decision table preprocessor for COBOL Vineet Budhiraja M.TECH 1987 84MEI082 Mahajan J M
Studies on balancing of a flexible rotor Narayana Unni V M.TECH 1987 35 Gupta K N
Density effect on the performance of a gas turbine flow meter Nand Kishor Suchan M.TECH 1987 36 Aggarwal D P
Vibration and damping of multilayered stractures by finite element method Pidikiti Hari Prasad M.TECH 1987 86MED039 Asaanani N T
Thermodynamics simulation of a 3 Valve statified charge engine Kannarpadi P Shudhindra MET 1987 38 Gajendra Babu nk
Modal analysis technique for multi degree freedom system Rajesh Kumar M.TECH 1987 39 Kundara T K
Development of frictionless slides Ajay Prabhakar MEP 1987 Juneja B L
Tooling system and its computerisation S S Shivathaya M.TECH 1987 41 Rao U R K
Study in rationalisation of materials flow in light engineering industry Sanjay Kumar Pankaj MEE 1988 87MED018 Vrat Prem
Effect of hot oil carryover in the determination of temperature in a thrust bearing S Nayyar M.TECH 1988 87MED018 Athre K Biswas S
Cats: computer aided tool selection for prismatic part P M Agarwal MEP 1988 87MEP012 Rao
Experimental investigation of three dimensional flow structure down stream of an axial compressor rotor using normal hotwire probe Saurabh Kumar M.TECH 1988 URK
Establishment of time standards for overhaul of engine and design of assembly line S R Seth MEE 1988 86MEI104 Mahajan J M
A simulation pacakge for design and implemention of FMS A Rajendran MEP 1988 Rao P N
A study of cutting fluids on performance of carbides in turbine Lakhbir Singh MEP 1988 87MEP010 Mittal R N
Investigation of temperature fields of work rolls of hot rolling mills Ranjit Kumar Sarkar M.TECH 1988
Computer aided selection of robots : an integrated approach K Madhuraj M.TECH 1988 86MED035 Agarwal V P
Studies on isostatic compaction of metal and ceramic powder Krishna Kumar Sinha M.TECH 1988 Sagar R
3 D Analysis of turbine Virendra Mehta M.TECH 1988 Ramakrishnan A V Gupta K
A study of facility layout planing & assembly line balancing of manufacture of refregrators Rajeev Vijay MEE 1988 87MEI015 Vrat Prem
Structural analysis of kinematic chain and mechanisms Vyasraj Santikellur M.TECH 1988 87MED016 Santikullar Vyasraj
Vibration & damping analysis of laminated rectangular plates made of fibre rainforced composite Satinder paul Singh M.TECH 1988 87MED011 Asnani N T
CAD of an automated storagae and retrieval system Sudhir Jadwani MEP 1988 87MEP015 Teewari N K
group technology coding of prismatic parts for C N C applicationsa vijay N Vadiya MEP 1988 87MEP018 Teewari N K
Computrised inventory management Kumar Vijay Shankar singh MEE 1988 86MEI097 Seth Kiran
gasifier engine gen set system performance and enviornmental aspects R Neslingam M.TECH 1988 87MET008 Mathur H B
Computer aided tool selection for prismatic parts P M Agarwal MEP 1988 19 Rao URK
Computer aided worklplace design Balakrishnan N Masti M.TECH 1988 87MEI004 Mahajan J M
A unifield branch and bound strategy for mixed integer programminf problems Ramakant duggal MEE 1988 85MEI076 Singh Samar Seth kiran
Application of quaility control techniques in an electronics industry Avinash Kumar Seth MEE 1988 86MEI105 Gupta A D
Some study on automated submerged arc welding of micro alloyed steel V Kumar Gupta MEP 1988 87MEP017 Pramar P S
Tool management for flexible manufacturing system Sunil T Avhad MEP 1988 87MEP004 Rao P N
Friction and wear studies on zinc aluminium alloy plain bearinngs Anil Kumar Chawla M.TECH 1988 Prakash B
Modeling growth dynamics of a cement industry Bidya Shanker Sahay MEE 1988 Vrat Prem
Investigation of a vibratory bfeder for feeding of thin parts Abhay Dample M.TECH 1988 87MEP002 Juneja B L
CAD of mechanical drives Himanshu Ramhari Ubale MEP 1988 87MED006 Kundra T K
dynamic analysis of free piston pneumetic machine driven by stirling engine prem narayan M.TECH 1989 88MED092 gupta K.N
analysis of tilting pad thrust bearing S saha M.TECH 1989 87MED012 gupta J.M athre K
some studies of diffuser effect on a radial compressor performance hani hussein MET 1989 88MET001 sharma P.B
investigation into the mechanisms of wear of ceramic tools P K brahmankr MEP 1989 88MEP040 Rao U.R.K
off design performance prediction of multi stage axial flow turbine Sunil kumar sharma MET 1989 87MET018 rai lajpat
Analysis and prediction of flow in a radial compressor raj kumar arora MET 1989 87MET011 agrawal D.P
Software development for facility location rajendra kumar moondra MEE 1989 88MEI076 kanda arun
thermodynamic combustion model for a dual injector diesel engine param jeet singh MTECH 1989 85MET015 babu M.K.G
study on wood burning cook stoves K ravinder MTECH 1989 9 dhar P.L Prasad rajendra
development of a computerised inventory mangement system for spare part inventory in a thermal power plant Pradeep kumar rawat MEE 1989 gupta A.D
Value engineering of an antena mast and erecting gear kit LT col pk sachdev MEE 1989 88MEI066 gupta A.D
surplus material mangement in BEL S S randhawa MEE 1989 88MEI065 Vrat prem
rationilisation of routes for school buses B V chowdary MEE 1989 13 kanda arun
rotodynamic of aeroengines m mansoor MTECH 1989 88MED097 gupta k
vibration and damping analysis of laminated cylinderical panel himansu garg MTECH 1989 88MED093 asnani n.t
development of software for simulation and design of AGV system for FMS naveen ravela MEP 1989 88MEP038 tiwar nk
design and fabrication of a hand operated torch shashi prakash dwivedi MTECH 1989 88MED099 pujara kewal k
an intergrated idef/petri net based apporach to modeling of manufacturing system kishore apte MEE 1989 88MEI072 sushil kanda arun
mchine utilisation studies for productivity improvement of an existing industry navin mathur MEE 1989 87MEI009 kanda arun
vibration analysis of pretwisted turbine blades by FEM bijaya kumar maurya MTECH 1989 20 gupta kailash na
preventive maintenance planning for critical machine in the manufacture of shock absorbers s c dutta MEE 1989 88MEI061 mahajan j.M
computer aided analysis and design of window types air conditioner rattan chandra mahajan MET 1989 88MET003 agrawal r s
application of quality assurance techniques in the manufacture of shock absorber s c aggarwal MEE 1989 88MEI073 gupta ad
experimental studies on cyclone heat exchanger av sita ram raju MET 1989 88MET016 rao t rajeswar
cycle optimisition of gas turbine engine for military application chander mohan dhawan MET 1989 87MET003 agrawal dp
study and feasibility report on isostatics compaction of ceramics himanshu gupta MEE 1989 26 mahajan J.M sagar r
further investigation on the use of pulverise coal as a substitute fuel for diesel engine bhuwan chandra MTECH 1989 87MET002 garg rd
productivity study of railways bofies ws kahlon MEE 1989 86ME1109 mahajan J.M
wear studies of cotted carbide manu kashyap MEP 1989 88MEP037 mittal rn
distortion of thin beam due to surface grinding k s venu babu MEP 1989 87MEP008 rao urk
pulse mig welding of aluminium alloy g abdul khaliq MEP 1989 88MEP041 parmar rs
a computerised approach to cable routing for power plants mukesh jain MEE 1989 85MEI075 kanda arun
DYSBASE :dynamics simulation with database mv sl narayana MEE 1989 87MEI008 sushil kanda arun
wheel condition monitoring and power and force equations in plunge grinding shailendra singh MEP 1989 88MEP036 mittal r n
computer software for design cost optimisation and design performance of an induced draft cooling tower ld papney MET 1989 35 gupta sk
computer aided process planning for prismatic parts based on manufacturing features satyandra kumar gupta MEP 1989 88MEP035 rao pn
computer aided process planning of rotational part ramchandra W.P MEP 1989 88MEP039 rao pn
a study to improve the effectiveness of a urea bagging plant r.p gupta MEE 1989 87MEI016 kanda arun
value analysis of subsystems of a grinding mill amit prakash MEE 1989 87MEI002 gupta ad
Some studies on biomass briquetting system s k bidani MEP 1989 87MEP051 sagar r
Study of performance and emission characteristic of single cylinder diesel engine using stabilised water in fuel emulsion subir singh jain MET 1989 88MET014 das lm
study of effect of clearance and air pressor in pneumatic conveying of a solid in a pipe d s reddy MEP 1989 88MEP042 juneja b l
turbulance characteristic of confined co axial swirling jets ajit kesari MET 1989 87MET001 singh s n agrawal d p
computer aided design of screw conveyor system r raj kumar MTECH 1989 86MED092 prasad l v
analysis of schedule slippages and cost overruns in major hydroelectric projects in india gauri shankar patra MEE 1989 86MET108 Vrat prem
performance characterstics of an SI engine using hydrogen as fuel and with E G R rajeev mathur MET 1989 88MET009 das l m
development of an information entropy model for urban transportation system sushil kumar MEE 1989 87MEI019 mahajan J.M agarwal d p
performance emission and wear studies on a multi cylinder diesel engine shyam lal soni MET 1989 88MET011 mathur h b
project scheduling and material ordering systems sandeep mathur MEE 1989 87MEI018 kanda arun
development of a computerised project planning and control system devesh chaturvedi MEE 1989 87MEI006 kanda arun
Theoretical studies on a spark ignition ricardo engine by computer simulation subodh chandra sud MTECH 1989 87MET015 gajendra babu M.K
off design performance prediction of a low hub tip ratio stage of a sream turbine ashok sunderum MET 1989 88MET017 rai lajpat
application of quality control technique in an automotive unitgupta anil kumar gupta MEE 1989 88MET071 gupta a d
customer behaviour for an erlangian purchase/death model hitendra singh MEE 1989 88MEI062 seth kiran
Application of facility planning tech. to transportation planning routing udaya shankar dalai MEE 1989 88MEI069 seth kiran vrat prem
Studies on alcohol substitution in stationary diesel engines raj nath dhar MET 1989 88MET004 mathur h b
a project report on development of a software library on project management diwakar kaiwar MEE 1990 89MEI071 kanda arun
design fabrication and testing of a swirl generator sanjay mehrishi MTECH 1990 89MET019 Yahya S M
control of accuracy in pecision grinding Pradeep Babu U MTECH 1990 1989MEP038 Rao U R k
Determination and suggestion for improvement of maintinance effectiveness a system approach Prashant Banerji MTECH 1990 88MEI079 Gupta A D
studies on scavenge through losses and history of hydrocarbon in a small 2 stroke SI engine Sagar Maji MET 1990 89MET001 Mathur H B
thermodynamic model of a CI engine operating on diesel and natural gas Mohammed Imran Khan MTECH 1990 6 Subhramanyam J b
dynamic analysis of a flexible moving robot arm Deepak Gupta MTECH 1990 1989MED099 Gupta J M
Performance monitoring of gas turbine Ravindra Kalra MTECH 1990 1989MED100 Nakra B c
Design of a direct drive robot arm Kamran Rizvi MTECH 1990 1989MED093 Asnani N T
Ergonomical study of design of display and control panel of indian nuclear reactor cirus and dhruv Dashrathi Shukla MEE 1990 89MEI061 Mahajan J m
A study of plant layout and material flow of jhansi railway workshop Srikrishna s MEE 1990 88MEI081 Kanda ARUN
A study of positive orienting in bawl tooling device for feeding smaal parts on a vibratory bawl feedor Sheelandra Pratap Singh MTECH 1990 88MEP034 Juneja B l
Performance of a single point cutting tools in intermitent cutting S Parmeshvaram MTECH 1990 89MEP033 Rao U R k
Assembling line balancing in seewing machine industry Nishdeep Singh MEE 1990 88MEI080 Gupta A d
CAD of plastic gears Nishdeep Dayananda Jawali MTECH 1990 89MED097 Kundra T k
A study of thermal power projects and development of effective monitoring systems C P Jain MTECH 1990 88MET010 Kanda arun Rai Lajpat
themohydrodynamic analysis of circular and non circular journal bearing rakesh Sehgal MTECH 1990 89MED091 BISHwas s Athre k
Analysis of the finned suraface of an almunium fin motor cycle cylinder at low speed rajesh KUMar Singh MET 1990 18 Gupta s k
Knowledge based expert system forcasting techniques Rajesh Narang MTECH 1990 19 Chandra b
CAD of ball screw and servo motors for CNC machine tool Laxman VERMA MTECH 1990 87MED007 Kundra T K
Expert system for fault diagonosis of rotor Anshu Mehra MTECH 1990 89MED102 Rao P N RAO J S
Inventory management reliablity based forcasting for aircraft spares with particular reference to airoengine Vinood Mehta MEE 1990 87MEI023 Seth Kiran
A study of some aspects of material flowing an automobile industry arvind Sastri MEE 1990 89MEI072 Gupta A d
dynamic analysis of CAM / strilling engine drivine free piston pnematic machine Mahadevo Kaware MTECH 1990 89MEI101 Gupta K n
studies on liquid desicent augmanted evaporating cooling system Bhupendra Godara MTECH 1990 88MET002 Dhar P L
thermal analysis of a cylinder with squre shape fin I cross flow of air Ajit KUMar Panda MTECH 1990 89MET018 gupta S k
Isostativ compaction of composites Pawan kumar madan MTECH 1990 89MEP039 Sagar r
some aspects of geometric modeling Archana MTECH 1990 28 Agarwal V P
coparative assement of the performance of a dual SI engine operating on gasoline and methanol A b Venketeshwar rao MTECH 1990 88MET005 Babu M K G
CAD of drives for machine tool Phan HUU PHUc MTECH 1990 88MED101 Kundra T k
Productivity improvement throgh ergonomics and work design V Srinivas MEE 1990 98MEI021 mahajan J n
simulation design and fabrication of a liquid desicant augmanted evaporative cooling system Sanjeev Jain MET 1990 89MET014 Dhar P L Kaushik S c
An expert system for diagnosis of deffect resulting in exxesive vibration in roatating machine and computer programe for their balancing AJIT Prasar MEE 1990 88MEI068 Seth Kiran
An analytical investigation of combined cycle power plant Babak seyedan MET 1990 89MET016 Gaur R R Dhar P L
An experimantal investigation of performance and emmision characteristic of single cylinder diesel engine using established methanol in diesel emulsioin Om Prakash MET 1990 35 Das L m
studies on the performance and combustion characteristics of a si engine fueled with methanol and methonol gasoline blends Sandeep Jain MTECH 1990 89MET004 Babu M K G
Simulation of package type air conditionor components Shiva Prasd k MTECH 1990 88MET007 Agarwal R S
Development of an expert system for the design of repetative manul material handling tasks B SRIDHAR Reddy MEE 1990 89MEI073 Mahajan J m
A study on setting up of a LPG bottling plant in delhi for hindustan petrolium corp ltd Naval Karrir MEE 1991 89MEI064 Kanda Arun
A study to improve the efficiency of continuos extrusion Aminu hussen Said MEP 1991 2 juneja B L
Unsteady aerodynamic forces due to stage intraction in an axial flow compressor Shobit tondon MET 1991 3 Rao J S Sharma P B
Manufacturing consideration in computer design as applied to hydrodynamic journal bearing Ramamurthi D V M.TECH 1991 90MED008 Athre K Agarwal V P
Software development for the design of rocket Punit KUMAr MET 1991 90MET004 Yahya S M Agarwal D P
Dynamic stress analysis of crank shaft of a reciprocating compressor usin FEM P S R Anjaneyulu M.TECH 1991 90MED004 Nakra B C Yadava G S
Some study on vibrational aspects of turbine tool Col R K sundd MEP 1991 90MEP008 Rao J S Rao P N
Computer integrated approach for optimal plate cam design Manoj Kulshreshta M.TECH 1991 98MED096 Agarwal V P
Analysis and design of reactive type mufflers Shreekant KUMAr Ambekar M.TECH 1991 90MED005 Pujara kk
Decision support system for selection of proces parameters in milling Mohammad Ashfaq MEP 1991 90MEP001 Mittal R N
An educational package for design of helical gear Siraj Ahmed M.TECH 1991 90MED006 Rao P n Kundra T K
Optimization of proceses parameters for cap in cutting Sanjay Dubey MEP 1991 90MEP003 Rao U R K
An expert system on the surface grinding process Nikunja Bihari Dhal MEP 1991 13 Kodali R B Rao U R K
Application of quality control techniues in an automobile industry Virendra Rohella MEE 1991 14 Gupta A D
A study of breakdown of DTC buses Vinayak Chandra Gupta MEE 1991 15 Kanda Arun
A framework for appraisal of Just in time in cellular manufacturing system Anil Panditrao Chaware MEE 1991 16 Deshmukh S C Kodali Rambabu
Capacity planing for flexible manufacturing system M D nair MEP 1991 17 Rewari N K Deshmukh S G
A new alogrithm solving P.O.M.D.P and its software development Harsh Jain MEE 1991 18 Seth Kiran
some experimental and computational studies Deepak kumar M.TECH 1991 90MEP002 Agarwal D P
Economics of hydropower and analysis of time and cost over runs Subrata Khastagir MEE 1991 88MEI078 Kanda Arun
A simulation model of traffic flow Ashutosh Kumar Sinha MEE 1991 90MEI007 Deshmukh S G mohan Dinesh
Experimental strilling engine for rural application Mohamed Iqbal M.TECH 1991 90MET001 Kale Sunil R
Development of an active electromagnatic damping system Shelley Kataria M.TECH 1991 90MED014 Asnani N T
Pocket identification of set up planing in C A P P of rotational parts Vijay Arora MEP 1991 90MEP007 Rao P N
CADAM a program for the computer aided dynamic analysis of mechanism Sanjay Rajgopalan B.TECH 1991 25 Rao P N
L P G fulled small utility S.I engine performance endurance evaluation and wear analysis Anuj Kumar MET 1991 90MET014 Mathur H B
Expert system for an design of heat exchanger BipiN Sapra MET 1991 90MET006 Kodali R B Agarwal R S
CAD CAM intigration for spur gears P Venkata Krishna M.TECH 1991 89MED094 Agarwal VP
Assembly interfacing and commisioning of two axis computer controled GMA surfacing machine Narhari Tripathi MEP 1991 89MEP040 Parmar R S
studies on delemination propagation in roatating carbon epoxy composite shaft G Chandramouli M.TECH 1991 90MED003 Gupta K Pandey R K
Optimization of process parameters for CAPP in turning Sanjay Dubey MEP 1991 Rao URK
Mechanical working of metastable austentic stainless steel Deepak KUMAr MEP 1991 Sagar R
Study of diesel engine fuel consumption during transit loadings A K Singh M.TECH 1991 89MED006 Kale S R
Design and optimization of preventive maintinance system for a 210 MW thermal power plant Narendra Narayan mishra MEE 1991 89MEI066 Mahajan J M
Management information system for industrial reserch and development Kuldeep Rai MEE 1991 89MEI068 Kanda Arun
Control of FMS using computer simulation and expert system approach Ujjawal Sinha B.TECH 1991 Rao URK
Experimental evaluation of performance and Lub. Oil deterioration characteristics of S.I engine A. M. Mahesha MET 1992 90MET010 Mathur H.B.
Computer aided design of a centrifugal compressor stage V. vidyasagar MET 1992 2 Agrawal D.P.
ough centrifugal compressor components Prabhat Tyagi MET 1992 3 Agrawal D.P.
ing and abrasive wear performance of PTFE and its composites for application in machine tool sideways Prasun Chakraborti MED 1992 90MED007 Kundra T.K.
Development of a fuel injection system for a four stroke S.I engine K. O. Najibullah MET 1992 5 Subrahmanyam J.P. Babu M.K.G.
Feature based modelling of C-Axis features and process selection in generative CAPP S. Sankar MEP 1992 6 Tewari N.K. Rao P.N.
Energy audit of RICO-Industries and mathematical model of recuperator Amit kumar MET 1992 7 Chawla O.P.
Input-Output characteristic of a fluidic device Vipin MEP 1992 8 Juneja B.L.
Computer aided tool management system P.P. Sunder Singh MEP 1992 9 Rao P.N.
Development of an expert system for troubleshooting in aircrafts and maintenance scheduling Prakash Gopalani MEI 1992 10 Gandhi O.P. Wadhwa S.
R 134 a as a substitute for R12 in domestic refrigerator Govind Jha MET 1992 11 Arora C.P.
Improving analytical model of a CNC machine tool structure to predict the dynamic behaviour S. Rangarajan MED 1992 Kundra T.K.
Some studies on vibrational aspects of a turning tool Y. P. Singh MEP 1992 13 Rao J.S. Rao P.N.
Experimental investigations into MoS2-Spray coating for enhancing the tool life Sanjay Gupta MEP 1992 14 Rao U.R.K.
Temperature measurement and evaluation in circular and non-circular journal bearings Kalidoss Sriniwas MED 1992 15 Athre K Biswas S.
Pulse MIG welding of micro alloyed HSLA steels T.V. Deekshitulu MEP 1992 1990MEP034 Rao U.R.K. Parmar R.S.
Optimization of gear box for minimum cost Ravi Pratap Singh MED 1992 17 Pujara K.K.
Development and experimental study of a concrete abrasion testing machine K. K. Verma MEP 1992 18 Asnani N.T. Bhattachreyajee B.
project development and planning for major overhauling of 210 MW turbine generator set Kamal Bhanawat MEI 1992 19 Kanda A.
Development of control software for a manufacturing cell P S. Nagaraj MEP 1992 20 Singh I.P. Rao P.N.
Some studies on linear and non linear rotor dynamics S.V.R. Subramanyam MED 1992 21 Gupta K.
Design & optimization of compressor air coolers Vivek Sawhney MET 1992 22 Dhar P.L.
Performance analysis of R134A in transport refrigeration Amit Mehra MET 1992 23 Agarwal R.S.
An integrated framework for project appraisal: A case study of nepal Narendra prasad rizal MEI 1992 24 Deshmukh S.G.
Computer modelling of a single point turning tool for vibration analysis Gurmohan Singh MED 1992 25 Rao J.S. Rao P.N.
A study in stores mangement and warehousing for automotive parts Sanjay Garg MEI 1992 26 Vrat Prem
Sensitivity analysis of dynamic railway vechile systems Mahesh Deshpande MED 1992 27 Nakra B.C.
A wheel life equation for plunge surface grinding Shrikant S. Kalantri MEP 1992 28 Mittal R.N.
Design fabrication and tesying of pneumatic sensors Shailendra Singh MEP 1992 29 Juneja B.L.
Coding evaluation and optimum selection of plastic materials and CAD/CAM of plastic spur gears V. G. Arajpure MED 1992 30 Agrawal V.P.
Development of intelligent support systems for product design N.C. Mahendra babu MED 1992 31 Agrawal V.P.
Design and development of computer integrated inventory management system Vunnam Anand Kumar MEI 1993 1992MEI002 Vrat Prem
Preventive maintenance scheduling in an industry a case study Sudhakara reddy M MEI 1993 1992MEI003 Gupta A.D.
Design of optimal compact helical gear boxes S. N. Kannan MED 1993 1990MED010 Kundra T.K.
Interactive software for airconditioning system design Mahesh Kant Thakur MET 1993 4 Dhar P.L.
An expert system for non-standard gear design Satish kumar jain MED 1993 1992MED012 Agarwal V.P. Pujara K.K.
Lateral dynamic behaviour of railway vechiles Nityananda Mukherjee MED 1993 6 Gupta K.N.
HFC134a as a substitute for CFC12 in domestic refrigerator- An experimental study Shirish sharma MET 1993 1992MET005 Arora C.P.
Computer aided design of mechanisms Chandra Shekhar Tanwani MED 1993 1992MED014 Agrawal V.P.
Project selection using Multi-attribute decision making Dinesh Singh MEI 1993 1992MEI018 Kanda A.
Decision support system for cost estimation and control in foundary P. P. Shukla MEP 1993 10 Sagar R.
Development and validation of an offline program for a gantry robot Venkatesh Jagganath MEP 1993 11 RAO U.R.K.
Investigation of noise in geared system M. K. Muralidharan MED 1993 1992MED009 Nakra B.C.
Preventive replaccement plan for components of capital equipment Neeraj Jalota MEI 1993 13 Gupta A.D.
Development and testing of an electrically controlled fuel injection system for a two-stroke spark ignition engine Jayant Mahadeorao Pardikar Mtech 1993 1992MET003 Babu M.K.G. Ramesh A.
Development of an active Piezoelectric damping system Anil Malik MED 1993 1992MED004 Asnani N.T.
Study of metal transfer by optical observations using strobscopic method Ravindra Lathe MEP 1993 1992MEP011 Sud S.K. Parmar R.S.
Multi criteria selection of capital goods Indu Bhaskar MEI 1993 1991MEI009 Kanda A.
Dynamic analysis of turbine blades Sharma Arun Gopal Mtech 1993 1992MED002 Rao J.S.
Rotor dynamic analysis and design of a graphite/epoxy helicoptor tail rotor drive shaft Shailendra Kadre MED 1993 1992MED016 Gupta K.
Dynamic improvement by structural dynamic modifications Kulbhushan Sharma MED 1993 20 Kundra T.K.
Investigating the performance of Cu and brass as electrode materials for electric discharge machining Piyush Gupta MEP 1993 21 Juneja B.L.
Design fabrication and performance of P.C. controlled vertical welding Machine Tayde P. S. MEP 1993 1992MEP005 Sud S.K. Parmar R.S.
Experimental investigation/design of water lubricated hydodynamic bearing M. S. Gopinatha MED 1993 1992MED006 Athre K. Biswas S.
Investigation of swirling compressible flow through oval pipe diffuser for high pressure centrifugal compressors Ramratan S. Badole MET 1993 1992MET004 Agrawal D.P.
Optimal structral dynamic modification B. Sampath Manohar MED 1993 26 Kundra T.K.
Development of control software for a gantry robot to serve a CNC machining cell Ramendra Mandloi MEP 1993 1992MEP009 Rao U.R.K. Rao P.N.
BOM processing and capacity issues in computer aided factory integration and management system framework S. Vijaya Rahul MEP 1993 1991MEP004 Rao P.N. Deshmukh S.G.
Development of stirling cycle refrigeration S. K. Sharma MET 1993 1992MED015 Arora C.P.
Optimization of structural dynamic modification variables Sanjeev Jindal MED 1993 1992MED001 Kundra T.K.
An experimental performance analysis of domestic refrigerator retrofitted with HCFC-22 Atul Sikka MET 1993 1992MET001 Agarwal R.S.
A study in computer aided tolerance charting Srinivas Rao P. MEP 1993 1992MEP006 RAO U.R.K. Tewari N.K.
A case study of MRP using computer simulation S. Shekhar MEI 1993 33 Wadhwa S.
Conversion of circular section tubes into square section tubes by drawing through roller dies Sanjay Garg MEP 1993 34 Juneja B.L. Sagar R.
Computer aided design of rotating disks R. K. Gupta MED 1993 1992MED010 Prasad L V
Deformation study in strip drawing Neeraj Verma MEP 1993 1992MEP014 Juneja B.L.
Thermal design and performance analysis of automotive radiator Vijay kumar Gaur MET 1994 1991MET013 Gupta S.K.
Quality control of printed circuit boards in an electronic industry Sunil Kumar MEI 1994 1993MEI016 Gupta A.D.
materials requirement planning: A software engineering approach Manish Goel MEE 1994 1993MEI007 Deshmukh S.G.
Optimization of design variables in double reduction helical-worm gear boxes Ajay K. Waghmare MED 1994 1993MED016 Kundra T.K.
A thermodynamic study on hydrocarbon mixture for domestic refrigerators P. Sudhir Kumar MET 1994 1991MET002 Agarwal R.S.
Quality management: A case study Nitin Seth MEP 1994 1993MEP008 Deshmukh S.G.
Tooling system and its computerisation S. S. Shivathaya MEP 1994 Rao U.R.K.
Development of flow shop simulation module in cafims framework Rakesh Chauhan MEI 1994 1992MEI017 Raju K.R.
Computer aided instruction for synthesis of mechanism George Thomas MED 1994 1992MED011 Agrawal V.P.
Project appraisal for a cement plant: A case study R. Rajagopalan MEI 1994 1992MEI006 Kanda A.
Studies on vibration transmission problems in forge hammer Sunil Kumar Srivastava MED 1994 1993MED012 Gupta K.N. Yadav G.S.
To develop a software for PC controlled three axis welding machine Jitesh Malik MEP 1994 1993MEP006 Sud S.K. Parmar R.S.
Study of overhauling activities of shaktiman engine at army base workshop to improve quality of overhaul Naresh Kumar Bansal MEI 1994 92MEI012 Mahajan J.M.
Expert system for prescribing homoeopathic remedy Sanjay Gupta MEI 1994 1992MEI011 Seth Kiran
An experimental study to estimate air side heat transfer coefficient and pressure drop in an automotive radiator Sunil Kumar Ramchandani MET 1994 1993MET010 Gupta S.K. Raghav A.K.
Progressive die design automation for blanking and piercing using unigraphics S. P. Taharabadkar MEP 1994 1993MEP011 Rao P.N.
Application of value analysis techniques to foot step assembly of maruti gypsy at MUL Praveen Kumar Sharma MEI 1994 1993MEI009 Gupta A.D.
An engine speed based electronic fuel regulating system for a SI engine fuel injection system Jivan Gajananrao Suryawanshi Mtech 1994 1993MET006 Babu M.K.G. Subrahmanyam J.P.
Performance of axial flow compressor with stator-hub clearance Vishal Agarwal MET 1994 1993MET012 Yahya S.M. Agrawal D.P.
Design and thermal performance evaluation of coiled tube heat exchanger Joydeep Chakraborty MET 1994 1993MET005 Gupta S.K. Kale S.R.
Study of inlet disortion on the performance of single stage axial flow compressor Subodh Kumar MET 1994 1990MET011 Agrawal D.P.
Design and development of automatic screw assembly system R. S. Dalu MEP 1994 1993MEP009 Juneja B.L.
Contribution of FMECA to coal milling system- An expert system approach Venkitachalam G. MEI 1994 1992MEI009 Gandhi O.P. Wadhwa S.
Optimum design of a helicoptor tail rotor made of composite material Hason Bin Hason Gurban MED 1994 1993MED003 Gupta K.
A methodology for customization in computer aided mechanical design B. L. Subramu MED 1994 1991MED012 Athre K. Kundra T.K.
Rolling of splines on circular shaft M.Tech Dissertation Hemant Kumar Nanda MEP 1994 1993MEP004 Juneja B.L. Sagar R.
Thermal analysis of a cylinder with square shaped fins in crossflow of air at higher velocity Bal Ram MET 1994 1992MET006 sk gupta o p chawla
Quality control technigues in a PCB mounted transformer in an electronic industry Ayoob Ahmad Wali MEE 1994 1993MEI002 A D gupta
Cutting stock problems in 1-D some practical consideration Ananta Mohan Singh MEE 1994 1992MEI001 S Wadhwa
Development of flow shop scheduling module in CAFIMS framework S Gangopadhyay MEE 1994 1992MEI016 K R Raju
Development of a flexible simulator for a computerised tool management system Rakesh shalia MEP 1994 1992MEP013 K R Raju U R K Rao
Study on liquid desiccant augmented evaporative cooling sysetms Gajendra O Bharti MET 1994 1993MET004 P L Dhar
The flow box an equipment to evaluate the fuel metering devices of spark ignition engine Akash Bhatnagar MET 1994 1992MET002 H B Mathur
some aspects of computer aided tool management system G S Dangayach MEP 1994 1993MEP003 P N Rao
Simulation of long term heat transfer between underground tunnel and the earth M N Karimi MET 1994 1991MET008 R s Aggarwal S R Kale
Study and experimental determination of metal flow and deformation in forging operations Ajay Saxena MEP 1994 1993MEP001 B L Juneja
Aerodynamics design of steam turbine for nuclear power plant Devendra R Pachori Mtech 1994 1993MET003 Lajpat Rai
Investigation on water lubricated bearing Ketan Tamboli Mtech 1994 1995MED005 K Athre S Biswas
Model identification of structural system with joints and external damping Vishnu Tiwari Mtech 1994 1993MED013 B C Nakra N Tandon
Multi project scheduling with due dates and resourse transfers vikas ranjan Atrey Mtech 1994 40 Kanda A
Quality initiative in service sector :A case study Saurabh Singh MEE 1995 94MEI017 Deshmukh S G
CAD of two dimensional cutting layout T Sivakumar MEE 1995 1993MEI011 wadhwa Subhash
Process capability studies as applied to rolled products in steel Sanjay Pandey MEP 1995 1994MEP004 Rao U R K
Total design methodology :a graph theorotic approach Sanjay D Deshpandey MTECH 1995 1994MED012 Agarwal V P
CNG utilisation in a multicylinder passenger car SI engine Raja Nagaraj MTECH 1995 1994MET010 Babu M K G Ramesh A
Performance characterstics of CNG operated multicylinder diesel engine Ram Raj Meena MTECH 1995 1994MET008 Babu M K G
Procduct design and system evaluation using TQM and ISO standards Ashok Yadav MTECH 1995 1993MED015 Agarwal V P
Study of joining electrolytic tough pitch copper Bhagirath Singh MEP 1995 1992MEP002 Juneja B L Sagar R
Development of an expert system for design for manufacture of die-cast components Amit Gupta MTECH 1995 1994MED002 Chawla Anoop Raju K Ravi
Development of integrated MRP module in CAFIMS framework K Venkateshwarulu MEE 1995 94MEI005 Deshmukh S G
Development of materials in CAFIMS framework Rahul Aggarwal MEE 1995 94MEI011 Deshmukh S G
Tool requirement planning and simulation in computerised tool management system Sanjeev k Mishra MEE 1995 94MEI016 Deshmukh S G Raju K Ravi
Noise and vibration studies on portable generator set Naresh kumar killa MTECH 1995 1994MED011 Nakra B C Tandon N
Assessment of std wastage norms and fixing inventory norms for overhauling of engine assembly in delhi DTC Ram kumar MEE 1995 1994MEI012 Vrat Prem
The effect of element transfer through coating on metal in shielded metal ARC welding V Nvasudeven MEP 1995 1994MEP010 Pandey Sunil
A computer simulation of public transport system to study the impact of platooning Gayanand Jha MEE 1995 94MEI003 wadhwa Subhash
Optimum design and performance analysis of an automotive radiator Sanjeev Jain MET 1995 1994MET012 Gupta K
Dynamics of turbo pump rotor accounting for seal and impeller -diffuser interaction effects Suvarna radhakrishna MTECH 1995 1994MED014 Gupta K Prakash Om
Development of software for QMS documentation as per 9000 series Rajeswara Reddy P MEE 1995 1994MEI009 Vrat Prem
Development CAD facility for analysis of metal transfer in welding Vikash k shrivastava MEP 1995 1994MEP009 Pandey Sunil Chawla Anoop
Knowledge based process selection for prismatic parts in CAPP Girish sharad kurkure MEP 1995 1994MEP007 Rao U R K
Computer simulation of a cutting heuristic for2-D case to studythe impact of order piece variety Srikanth nagulapalli MEE 1995 1994MEI007 wadhwa Subhash
Automated handling of impact extruded products :a case study Sanjay neema MEP 1995 1994MEP011 Sagar R
Study on filteration M I Sakri MTECH 1995 1994MED010 Athre k Biswas s
Ergonomics of manual lifting LT col naresh k talwar MTECH 1995 1994MEI008 Mahajan J M
CAD design of injection moulds G S Anantha Padmanabha MTECH 1995 26 Mishra ashok Rao U R K
Studies on vibration transmission problems in forge hammer Borse Atul jagannath MTECH 1995 1994MED005 Gupta K N Yadav G S
CAD of multi-stage axial flow compressor Rajesh Awasthi MET 1995 1994MET009 Yahya S M
Study of isostatic compaction of Cu -Sn and Fe-Cu metal powders Ishwar Prasad Gupta MEP 1995 1994MEP001 Sagar R
Integrated design and competitive manufacturing sector -A delhi study LT col D Munshi MEE 1995 1993MEI004 Vrat Prem
Propane -isobutane mixture as a substitute for CFC-12 in domestic refrigerators :simulation and experiments Anupam Kant MET 1995 1993MET001 Agg R S
Multi-objective resources constrained project scheduling Manish kumar MEE 1995 1994MEI006 Kanda Arun
Optimal operating policy selection for DELHI METRO Chitaranjan Senapathi MEE 1995 1993MEI003 Kanda Arun
Design and development of dies foe extruded products Yatindra Koyal MTECH 1995 34 Rao U R K
Computer simulation to aid manufacturing system design Venktesh S MEE 1995 1994MEI019 wadhwa Subhash
CAD tolerence charting -a linked list approach M Srinivasan MEP 1995 1993MEP007 Raju K Ravi
Application of value analysis techniqhe to the fuel tank of a motor bike Rajeev kumar verma MEE 1995 1994MEI013 Gupta A D
CAPP for prismatic components :feature based moddeling and process sequencing Ramana Babu kandimalla MEP 1995 1994MEP002 Raju K Ravi
Analytical performance evaluation of a natural gas fueled 4 stroke SI engine Maneesh Batrani MET 1995 1994MET004 Mathur H B
Study on modal identification and modification of structures Kiti Shekhar shrivashtava MTECH 1995 1994MED009 Nakra B C Kundara T K
TQM :A review and development of framework for implimentation Digant Singh MEE 1995 1994MEI002 Kanda Arun
Studies on axial grooved and helical grooved water lubricated journal bearing A N Hari Rao MTECH 1995 1994MED007 Athre K Biswas S
Some studies on dynamics of composite shafts Samual sundar k Kuchipudi MTECH 1995 1994MED008 Gupta K
Lot sizing and nervousness in MRP A simulation case study R Ramesh MEE 1996 1995MEI009 RAVI Raju K
DESIGN failure investigation code for power transmittion shafting P S Sai Prasad M.TECH 1996 1995MED010 Agarwal V P Kundra T K
Capp for prismatic parts tollerance and operation sequencing A L Sarat Babu M.TECH 1996 1995MEP002 Rao U R K
Experimental study on air water spray interaction Arun Kumar Johri MET 1996 1994MET002 Dhar P L Kale S R
Some studies on solid desiccant based hybrid air conditioning system Sanjay Kumar Singh MET 1996 1995MET011 Dhar P L
CAD of die casting CH Phani Kumar M.TECH 1996 1995MED002 Chawla Anoop Raju K R
A simulation study of priority rules in job shop under stochastic condition Dilip Kumar jha MEE 1996 1995MEI003 Wadhwa Subhash
Computer simulation study of platooning in road transport system Sanjay Kumar verma MEE 1996 95MEI012 Wadhwa Subhash
Selection and evaluation of rolling element bearing Y Ramkrishnan Reddy M.TECH 1996 1995MED014 athre K Biswas S
Transient dynamic and failure analysis of composite plates under impact N C Krishnan Kishorwe M.TECH 1996 Chawla anoop Mahajan Anoop
computer intigrated data acquisistion and processing system for gas metal arc welding Vivekanand Anil Kulkarni MEP 1996 1995MEP010 Pandey Sunil
Capp for welding an expert system approach Anand sonone MEP 1996 1995MEP003 Pandey S
critical design review of longitudinal grider of a special waggon used for transportation of transformer using FEM Gaurav Sharma M.TECH 1996 1994MED006 Pujara K K
Some studies of matirial management function in iso 9000 framework Samir Dhaga MEE 1996 1995MEI011 Teewari N K
Simulation study of some design and control parameters of the performance of an assembly line Rupesh Kumar Das MEE 1996 1995MEI010 Wadhva Subhass
Computerised tool management for integrated manufacturing system S Sirinivasu MEP 1996 1995MEP006 Raju K R
Progarmable logic control programming for real time system Gajnaan J khurde MEP 1996 1995MEP008 Juneja B L
Dynamic analysis of automobile S M Muzakkir M.TECH 1996 1993MED011 Nakra B C kundra T KL
Project review a case study Grish Kumar Sharma MEE 1996 19 Kanda arun
Structural charactrization and selection of robot manipulators a graph theoratic approach Pramood Narayana rao Jumle M.TECH 1996 1995MED006 Agarwal V P
Experimental study of air water spray interaction Arun Kumar JOHRI MET 1996 21 dhar P L Kale S R
Nucleate pool bioling of alternate refrigrent hfc 13h a over a horizontal tube Pankaj Kumar Bansal MET 1996 1994MET014 Agarwal R S
bidding for projects CASE STUDY Amitabh NATH MEE 1996 94MEI001 Kanda Arun
Dynamic analysis of a complex mechanical system using adams Tarun KUmar Rastogi M.TECH 1996 1995MED011 asnani T M
ISO 9000 concepts method and critical review of the standards Pankaj k Kumaria MEE 1996 1995MEI006 Gupta A D
some heat transfer studies from helical coiled tubes in cross flow of air Rahul Salhotra MET 1996 1995MET009 Gupta S K
Application of quality techniques in an industry sriving for TQM Raj Kumar Bamsal MEE 1996 27 Wadhwa Subhash
automation of injection molding design H R SRInath M.TECH 1996 28 Misra A Rao U R K
Numerical analysis of buyoncy induced flow in an enclosure MD Iliyaas Kathdi MET 1996 Kale S R Rao P M V S
computer aides scientific man power planing system for r and d organisation Arindam Das gupta MEE 1996 1993MEI001 Vrat Prem
Experimental study of an cng operated engine with primixed chARGE and with gas gas injection arun Gupta MET 1996 1995MET003 Mathur H b
Row by ROW off design performance calculatition method for system turbine Padhmanbhanu A MET 1996 1999MET007 Rai Lajpat
Development and implimentation of shoop floor control module in an assembly G Nagaraju MEP 1996 1995MEP007 Teewari N K
Vibration and noise control of engine driven portable generator set Dattaraya Ramchandra Ubhe M.TECH 1996 1995MED012 Nakra B C Tandon N
some studies on dynamic of composite shaft Valasingham Syresh Babu M.TECH 1996 1995MED013 Gupta K Singh S p
Development of computer code for dynamic analysis of multibody systems Prashant Prabhakar M.TECH 1996 1995MED007 Asnani N T
Computer simulatin for traffic problems mohd saleem masabi MEP 1996 95MEP011 Wadhva Subhash
Integration of production and assembly activities a pert net based approach G Vanketeshwar Rao MEp 1996 1995MEP014 Teewari N K
further develpoment of a direct incylinder injection system for a two stroke spark ignition engine Vikas Parwar MET 1996 1995MET014 Gaur R R
Prediction of dynamic behaviour of synthesized structural system Pawan gupta M.TECH 1996 1995MED005 Nakra B C kundra T k
A complete cycle simulation of four stroke spark ignition engine Yasa srinivas reddy MET 1996 1995MET015 Subhramanyam J B
Development for simulation for batch manufacturing industries K Sunda Kumar MEP 1996 1995MEP009 Ravi Raju K
Dynamic analysis of mechanical system using adams Amitabh Kumar Gupta M.TECH 1996 1994MED003 asnani T M
Computer aided design of belt conveyor system Rajesh Mendiratta M.TECH 1996 1993MED009 Kundra TK Agarwal V P
Concurrent engineering approach to gear box design Nilanjal Guin Verma M.TECH 1996 45 Aggarwal V P
Robust design using taguchi method at CDIL Asit Verma M.TECH 1996 95MEI001 Kanda Arun
Analysis and improvement of material productivity of an organisation A J Ansari MEE 1997 1996MEI001 Vrat Prem
Desisgn and fabrication of automotive parts using powder matelergy Ramesh K C MEP 1997 Sagra R
Optimisation of synamic design variables in structure P SUNIL sanjeev Kumar M.TECH 1997 1994MED014 Kundra T K
Design and development of a test facility for the performance of an air conditoner Akhilesh Arora MET 1997 57 Agarwal R s
Study on alternative refrigrent of R-502 low tep application Rupesh Kumar Agarwal MET 1997 1996MET015 Agarwal R S
A new approach to robot dynamic Sidharth Suresh PETkar M.TECH 1997 1996MED011 Saha S k
Damping based design of composite material laminated A Krishna Kishore M.TECH 1997 1995MED003 Singh S P
Experiment study on the utilization of compressed natural gas in a four stroke diesel engine Sachin J Prabhu MET 1997 1996MET016 Babu Gajendra m
Application of simulated analing in cellular manufacturing P Durga prasad Raju MEP 1997 1996MEP009 Wadhva Subhash
CAD of engine bearing Kaushal kumar Thakur M.TECH 1997 1996MED004 Vishwas S Katare K
Studing the effect of aglomarated flux composition on weldability of plain carbon steel vivek Gupta MEP 1997 1996MEP020 Pandey Sunil
application of TQM concept for higher technical education : a case study of iit delhi babu lal Meena MEE 1997 96MEI003 vrat Prem
Analysis and design of vibrating rate gyro Prashant S LELE M.TECH 1997 1996MED007 bhaskar atul
Computrised facility layout design in automobile manufacturing industry Sharad P Sadwani MEE 1997 1996MEI018 Mahajan J M
Strategic cost management a frame work Manoj Jain MEE 1997 1996MEI012 Kanda Arun
Development of an export system for design for manufacturibilt of welded component Narshimha Rao Naidu M.TECH 1997 1996MED009 Chawla arun pandey sunil
Fatigue and fracture behaviour of welded steel Rakesh Gautam MEP 1997 1996MEP013 Pandey R K Pramar R K
Energy conservation in an air conditioning system Ashish Rakheja MET 1997 54 Dhar P L
Vibration analysis of rib stifned rectangular plate Sandeep kumar Sharma M.TECH 1997 Nkara B C Tondon N
Calibration of kinematic parametrs of RTX roboat Dilip Fauzdar MEP 1997 96MEP008 Rao P V Saha S K
Concurrent mechanical engg design of power transmition shafting in corporating design for manufacture (DFM) SIDDALINGASWAMI K m M.TECH 1997 1996MED015 Kundra T K Agarwal V P
Model updating of dynamic system v sirinivas reddy M.TECH 1997 49 Kundra T K Nakra B C
Design and fabrication of two stage thermo forming machine Parmeshsaran M MEP 1997 95MEP012 Juneja B L
Automatic pneumatic Gauging cum seprating step Tikamlal Chaudhry MEP 1997 95MEP013 Juneja B L
Some study on dynamics of fibre rainforced composite rotors embaded with safe memory alloyes P Krishnakumar M.TECH 1997 gupta K Kumar K
Optimal selection of proceses for FMS Ashok kumar vehmori MEP 1997 1996MEP018 Rao P V
Prediction of distortion during saw mild steel Arsad noor Siddique MEP 1997 1994MEP003 Pandey Sunil
Design of screw extrurer for food products Hemant N Warhatkar M.TECH 1997 1996MED003 Chawla Anoop Rao P M V S
An assesment of lean one techonolgies for improving fuel economy and emmision of a 4 s trke si Passenger car engine Rakesh devpuram MET 1997 1996MET014 Gaur R R Subhramannyam J P
Study on joint intigarty og MIG aluminum alloy using NDT Abhay KUmar Jayant MEP 1997 1996MEP001 Parmar R S Gandhi O P
Rotor dynamics analysis of a genral rotor system usin FEM Manish trikha M.TECH 1997 53 Singh A K RAO JS
Simulation of 3 cylinder passenger car engine using using power cycle model MOHD ARIF MET 1997 1994MET006 Subhramannyam J P
AnalysIS nd redign of some proceses at iit delhi involving student participation Satish MEE 1997 1996MEI017 Juneja Sandeep
Prediction of weld penetration in SAW Amul Nagar MEP 1997 48 Pandey Suniil
A system dynamic study of global warming K mahesh MEE 1997 96MEI008 vrat Prem
Design and fabrication of amplitude senstive EAR-Plug Ajay G Patil M.TECH 1997 96MED010 Pujara KK
Design of turbo pump for cryognic engine application Ravi Sahai M.TECH 1997 56 Gupta K
Fault diagnosis through condition monatoring of steam turbine for power plant Vimal Chandra chaudhry MET 1997 50 Rai Lajapt
rotor dynamic analysis of a genral rotor system using FEM Manish TRikha M.TECH 1997 55 Rao J S Singh A K
forming splines on hollow shaft V V bainy MEP 1997 40 juneja B L Sagar R
simulation of a 4 sroke si engine oprating on hydrogen Shiv PAL singh MET 1997 1995MET013 Mathur H B
A study on benchmarking in Self assesment award models Vempati Rama Krishna MEI 1998 96MEI022 Gupta A.D.
Development of consumables for wet underwater welding Anirudha Joshi MEP 1998 47 Pandey Sunil
Performance study of a solid desiccant cooling system Bhuvanendra Sisodiya MET 1998 11 Dhar P.L. Jain S.
Analysis of robot manipulator made of fiber reinforced composite R. Mathan MED 1998 2 Singh S.P. Saha S.K.
Dynamic analysis and modal testing of structural elements with modifications Gunanand Nagarkar MED 1998 12 Nakra B.C. Tandon N.
Dimensional modelling of IC engine Indranil Brahma MET 1998 96MET007 Ravi M.R.
Development of a flexible shop floor control simulator for ERP enviorment D. Siva Shanker MEP 1998 97MEP006 Wadhwa S.P.
Design of test rig used to study the effect of misalignment on the vibrations of the rotor B. Nagaraju MED 1998 7 Rao J.S. Chawla A.
Studies in updating of finite element models of mechanical structures Dattatraya Kondiba Waghmore MED 1998 13 Kundra T.K.
Identification of damping from Dynamic response Umesh Maruti Kalokhe MED 1998 29 Singh S.P. Bhaskar A.
Design and development of a distribution requirement planning in a value chain: A case M.V. Satyanarayana Raju MEI 1998 96MEI013 Deshmukh S.G.
Metod design application for improving productivity in tyre manufacturing industry Deoraj Prajapati MEI 1998 59 Mahajan J.M.
Design and development of a distribution network in a value chain: A case P. Madhava Rao MEI 1998 97MEI008 Deshmukh S.G.
Off-Design performance prediction of a steam turbine Pravin Punekar MET 1998 33 Rai L.
Development of an ON-Line expert system for condition monitoring of 220MW turbogenerator set CH. Rajaih MED 1998 32 Rao J.S. Chawla A.
Matching and optimization of electronic fuel injection system for a three cylinder four stroke S.I engine I. Anand Raju MET 1998 24 Babu M.K.G. Gaur R.R.
Kinematic calibration and geometrical parameter identification for RTX robot Anil Kumar pathak MEP 1998 97MEP003 Rao P.V. Saha S.K.
Product mix optimization and radial packaging cost reduction in a value chain: A case Piyush Agarwal MEI 1998 41 Vrat P.
Modal analysis and model updating of a composite shaft Sudhir Kumar MED 1998 26 Gupta K.
Some studies of flow throgh inward flow radial cascade Nagendra S. Barapatre MET 1998 62 Pathak B.D. Rai L.
Design and fabrication of cams for automobiles Rajesh Purohit MEP 1998 18 Sagar R.
Matching of a simulation code to Maruti OMNI engine by incorporating actual combustion chamber and manifold geometry Abhijeet Mohan Vaidya MET 1998 38 Babu M.K.G. Subbarao P.M.V.
Investigation of bolt orientation on inclined plane Swadesh Kumar Singh MEP 1998 97MEP016 Juneja B.L.
Kinematic chains structural modelling and correlation with machine performance AAS Mohammad MED 1998 97MED001 Agrawal V.P.
A computer simulation model for a two stroke direct in cylinder injection gasoline fuelled spark ignition engine Manish Sharma MET 1998 3 Babu M.K.G.
EDM/Wire EDM process in respect of design and manufacturing of plastic injection mould Chaman Singh Chowdhart MEP 1998 Sagar R.
Study of organizational quality system (ISO 9002) to highlight the thrust areas of continious Improvement for TQM Sandeep Kumar MEI 1998 30 Mahajan J.M.
Implementation of total quality management in higher technical education: A case study of IIT Delhi Mitra Kumar Patel MEI 1998 1 Vrat P.
Instrumentation of test facility for performance evaluation of window type air conditioniner using alternate refrigerant Rajesh Kumar MET 1998 25 Subbarao P.M.V. Agarwal R.S.
Effect of seals on dynamic response of turbopump rotor A. Thiyagarajan MED 1998 28 Gupta K. Prakash O.
Monitoring of cutting tools by the estimation of tool wear P. R. Motghare MEP 1998 37 Rao P.V.
Computer aided design of rotors for two lobe compressors Assem Kumar MET 1998 97MET005 Yahya S.M. Agarwal V.P.
Development of support system for human resources management a study on Sudesh Kumar MEP 1998
Study of metal deformation in punch problems Vivek Acharya MEP 1998 97MEP018 Juneja B.L.
Massively parllel binary systems Swarangi Muralidhar MED 1998 63 Mukherjee S.
Simulation based group decision support system for manufacturing system T. Kishore MEP 1998 Wadhwa S.
Analysis of various combustion technologies for fossil fuel fired steam generators Sandeep Punjani Mechanical 1998 5 Rai L.
Residual life assesment of steam turbine rotor Jaydip Majumdar Mechanical 1998 45 Rai L.
Dynamic analysis of helmet structure K.L. Mohana Rao MED 1998 97MED008 Chawla A.
Development and optimization of electronic fuel injection system for two stroke S.I. engine Abhishek Richhariya MET 1998 97MET002 Ravi M.R.
Experimental studies on S.I engine performance and emission characteristics with water/alcohal micro emulsion in gasoline Rupanjali Nath MET 1998 44 Das L.M. Gaur R.R.
Study of alternative lean burning technologies for four stroke S.I. passenger car engine Shailendra Singh MET 1998 40 Subrahmanyam J.P. Ray A.
Shape realization accounting for machine tool errors Sachin Khandelwal MEP 1998 39 Rao P.V.M.
Dynamic analysis of turbopump Kharade Kiran Amrut MED 1998 43 Nakra B.C. Prakash O.
Development of rutile coated electrode Ashish Gupta MEP 1998 23 Pandey S.
Study of rotary furnace Anil Kumar MEP 1998 97MEP002 SAgar R.
Synthesis of total quality management and learning organization to improve competitivness Sunil Kumar Sharma MEI 1998 6 Shahabuddin j. Wadhwa S.
Automatic extraction of precedence constraints for operation sequencing using tolerance information and geometric reasoning Bhushan Modak MEP 1998 17 Rao P.V.M.
Simulation of manufacturing system K.N. Suresh Babu MEP 1998 97MEP009 Rao P.V. Deshmukh S.G.
Development of inventory management system in value chain Y.L. Narayana Reddy MEI 1998 20 Vrat P.
Robot kinematics for control and simulation Vinay Shrikrishna Mhaskar MED 1998 97MED009 Saha S.K.
An analytical approach for multi -resource multi-project scheduling Dharm Veer Singh MEI 1998 10 Kanda A.
Supply chain management of tomato based food processing industries A K Singh M.TECH 1999 1996MEI002 Kanda A Maheshwari R.C
Characterization of low Ni-Austenitic stainless steel Avanish Pathak M.TECH 1999 1998MEP003 Sagar R Ravikumar D
Combined power cycle with integrated methanol plant ,A conceptual approach for reduction of CO2 emmision D.M R Panda M.TECH 1999 Sharma D.K
An estimation model to justify innovation in automobile insustry -Case of tailored blank Kapil Gupta M.TECH 1999 1998MEI010 Wadhawa S
Studies on vibration monitoring of turbine blades Sanjeev Gupta M.TECH 1999 1998MED016 Nakara B.C Mukherjee S
Fabrication of metal matrix composite for puppets valve guide and valve seat inserts Ajeet Kumar M.TECH 1999 98MEP001 Sagar R
Design modifiction and software development for a computer controlled welding station Neeraj Bharti M.TECH 1999 1998MEP009 Pandey Sunil Mukherjee Sudipto
Transient dynamic analysis of a turbo pump rotor A P Kumar M.TECH 1999 1998MED001 Gupta K Prakash Om
Dynamic analysis of bowed rotor Manu Sharma M.TECH 1999 1998MED009 Rao J S
Performance simulation of a once-through super critical steam generators Santanu Dandapat M.TECH 1999 Malhotra A
radiation and convective analysis of location of boiler superheater reheater in steam generators K B Singh M.TECH 1999 Subbarao P M V
Anti-skid steering system S Arvind M.TECH 1999 1998MED019 Agarwal V P
Analysis and fabrication of micro-catheter with IPMC actuator Pankaj Dorlikar M.TECH 1999 1997MED004 Pujara K Mukherjee S
Some studies and development of hardfacing electrode for sugar mill rolls B Narsimloo M.TECH 1999 1998MEP004 Pandey Sunil
Structural dynamic modification using model testing and frequency response fuction Nitesh Jain M.TECH 1999 1997MED010 Bhaskar Atul Markert Richard
Assessment of modification on a passenger car SI engine for improvement in fuel economy and emission Deo Yogesh Ramesh M.TECH 1999 Subrahmanyam J P Ray Anjan
Electronic management of two stroke scooter engine Yogesh B More M.TECH 1999 1998MET014 Ravi M R Singh I P
Simulation to support the design of production control system for supplier to picture tube industry Deepak Sharma M.TECH 1999 1997MEI004 Wadhawa S Mertins Kai
Finite element model updating for dynamic rotor system Rajendra Pal M.TECH 1999 1998MED014 Kundra T K
The effect of impulse and reaction stages on steam turbine performance M K Asthna M.TECH 1999 Yahya S M
Design and development of an integtated IPIS C S Bhartiya M.TECH 1999 1998MEE009 Deshmukh S G
Performance evaluation of window type A/C using R-407c ,an alternating refrigerant to HCFC-22 Bura Sreenivas M.TECH 1999 1998MET006 Agarwal R S
Flow analysis of a 3D rectangular duffuser mounted downstream of LP turbine using CFD Subodh kumar M.TECH 1999 Rai Lajpat Singh S N
supplier cost reduction multinational automobile firm S Janardhan M.TECH 1999 1998MEI017 Junaja Sandeep
CAD of joints in composite Shaft Sanjeev Kumar M.TECH 1999 1999MED017 Singh S P
Rationalization of distribution network for tyre company Manu vigg M.TECH 1999 1998MEI013 Junaja Sandeep
Project planning under multiple resourse constraints Santosh Kumar Phulpagar M.TECH 1999 1998MEI016 Kanda Arun
Supply chain management in telecom company LT.COL. Mahender Singh M.TECH 1999 1998MEI011 Vrat Pram
Energy auit of a cooling water system in thermal power station Sandeep K Sahu M.TECH 1999 1998MET018 Gupta S K
Modelling of Tool wear Coated carbide insert using cutting temperature and forces in turning G prabhakar M.TECH 1999 1998MEP007 Rao PV
Vibration control using shape memory alloy KALI charan Sahu M.TECH 1999 1999MED007 Gupta K Nakra BC
Development of a computer software for rating of a water cooled surface condenser Ashok K Sehgal M.TECH 1999 Ravi MR
Development of a Transaction processing system Anand Rawat M.TECH 1999 1998MEI004 Deshmukh S G
Energy audit in Thermal power stations J Srinivasa Rao M.TECH 1999 1996MET008 Gupta S K wadhawa S
Fabrication of DIE and study of Briqueting process Pradeep Kumar Batra M.TECH 1999 1998MEP012 Sagar R
Roughness model in surface grinding R Rama Kishore M.TECH 1999 1998MEP016 Rao P V
Investigation of coal ignation phenomena V M Choudhary M.TECH 1999 1998PGT010 Ray Anjan
Design and development of Non-folding manual wheelchair using FRP Vivek Dudgikar M.TECH 1999 1998MEP005 Bhatnagar Naresh
Finite element analysis and experiment of simple upsetting Naveen K Jha M.TECH 1999 1998MEP015 Kumar D Ravi
Analysis and optimization of pull-oriented production lines Rajkumar M.TECH 1999 1997MEI009 Vrat Prem
Some studies and development of low hydrogen powder SMAW electrode with improved operational characterstics E Pawan Kumar M.TECH 1999 1998MEP006 Pandey Sunil
Design of filament wound composite shaft Pradipta Mukharjee M.TECH 1999 1998MED012 Gupta K Singh S P
Optimization of system power plant cycles using supercritical steam Rajeev Satyakam M.TECH 1999 Malhotra A
Development of a simulator for shop floor environment that assist in knowledge generation Amrit Pal Singh M.TECH 1999 1998MEP002 Wadhawa S
Optimization of heat exchanger system Avnish Thakur M.TECH 1999 1999MET022 Malhotra A
Finite element model updating for dynamic mechanical structure Peddi R Narayana M.TECH 1999 Nakara B C Kundra T K
Knowledge based TQM Amit Ranjan M.TECH 1999 1998MEI003 Mahajan J M
Development of software for performance analysis of steam generation combustion system S K Singh M.TECH 1999 Subbarao P M V
Experimental studies on absorber and regenerator of a liquid cooling system Keshvendra Choudhary M.TECH 1999 1998MET010 Dhar p L
Experimental observation of chip formation in orthogonal cutting of GFRP Inderdeep Singh M.TECH 1999 98MEP008 Bhatnagar Naresh
Development of Quasi three dimensional rating program for a water cooled two dimensional rating program for a water cooled two pass underslung steam furnace condenser Ashok Sarkar JPG 2000 99PGT001 Ravi M.R.
Mathematical modeling of select issues for vendor and distributor end of a supply chain Darpan Jain MEI 2000 1999MEI006 Shankar R.
Gas side fluid flow and heat transfer analysis of steam generator R.P. Tripathi PGT 2000 1999PGT015 Ravi M.R.
Dynamic analysis of a combined rotor bearing - Foundation System Narayan Sharma MED 2000 1999MED013 Rao J.S.
Performance assessment and analysis of high pressure feedwater heaters Surya Narayan S. PGT 2000 Kale S.R.
Computation of limit strains in sheet metal forming U.V.N Ravi MEP 2000 1999MEP015 Kumar D.R.
Economics of mmultiple steam generators in thermal power plants Subhransu Sekhar Mishra PGT 2000 Malhotra A.
Development of a model for supply chain V. lenin babu MEI 2000 1999MEI015 Deshmukh S.G.
Methodology to estimate demand origin destination matrix Anil Kumar MEI 2000 99MEI005 Juneja S.
Modelling of car floor-Panel for crash simulations Srikar vulli MED 2000 99MED016 Chawla A. Mukherjee S.
Study of the effects of cylinder and manifold geometry on vertical flow in an engine cylinder Dinesh Gupta MET 2000 1999MET007 Subbarao P.M.V.
development of MEMS vibration detector S. velladurai MED 2000 1999MED015 Mukherjee S.
Numerical analysis of flow through rotating rectangular channel Predeep Kumar MET 2000 1999MET013 Krishnan P.V. Subbarao P.M.V.
Finite element simulation of free laayer viscoelastic damping of structures by modal approach Ramkrishna Mulik MED 2000 98MED010 Nakra B.C. Boreanaz G.
Validation of eurosid-1 multibody model for side impacts Milind S Parab MED 2000 98MED020 Chawla A. Mohan D.
A numerical study of flow and heat transfer under an impinging jet Amrik Singh MET 2000 1998MET002 Ray A. Sanghi S.
Dynamic analysis of simple flexible manipulator arm Manish Sinjonia MED 2000 1999MED012 Agarwal V.P. Saha S.k.
Study of deformation in transverse rolling of tube Sajjansingh R. Chavan MEP 2000 1999MEP012 Juneja B.L.
A study on the recyclablity of metal matrix composites Anil Kumar Shukla MEP 2000 99MEP004 Sagar R.
Accounting for machine tool errors in NC tool path verification for turning centres Akshat S Prakash MEP 2000 1999MEP002 Rao P.V.M
Development of multi attribute project monitoring system Dhananjay Krishna MEI 2000 1999MEI009 Kanda A.
Active Vibration control of rotor system using shape memory alloy K. Gupta MED 2000 1999MED009 Gupta K.
Development of frameworks for performance evaluation and operational strategy decision making in production system Ambarish Srivastava MEP 2000 1999MEP003 Kanda A.
Design of conversion kit for running a diesel engine on biogas in S.I Mode Santosh kumar Rai MET 2000 Gaur R.R. Kohli S.
Calculation of thermodynamic properties of near critical steam Pranav KUmar MET` 2000 1999MET014 Malhotra Ashok
Rationalization of distribution network in supply Chain Context Vinay Bhandari MEI 2000 98MEM006 Vrat Prem
Study and improvement of a manual steering system Ajay Kumar MED 2000 99MED019 Saha S.K. Bansal O.P.
Finite element based simulations of car motorcycle frontal crashes- An Initial study Kaustubh Mani MED 2000 99MED010 Mukherjee S.
Prediction of off-Design performance of steam turbines K.S. Ramaswamy PGT 2000 Rai L.
Process control of critical quality characteristics in an electronics industry Vinod Gupta MEI 2000 98MEI022 Gupta A.D.
Calculation of heat losses from flat plate solae collectors Sharad Tembhurne MET 2000 1999MET017 Malhotra A. Kohli S.
Some feasiblity investigations on pneumatic primemover for a small vechile Sudhir kumar sahu MET 2000 Gaur R.R. Subbarao P.M.V.
Transmission behaviour of structure borne noise Amit Verma MED 2000 98MED002 Gupta K. Stoffel Ing B.
Development of decision support system for supply chain management Gyani kumar MEI 2000 1999MEI009 Kanda A.
Design and development of fibre reinforced composite propeller shaft Vivek Gupta MED 2000 Gupta K. Singh S.P.
An investigation on the effects of cutting fluids in grinding with the developed temprature measuring technique Vijayender Singh MEP 2000 1999MEP016 Rao P.V.
Studies on different designs of absorber and regenerator of a liquid desiccant cooling system Sumedh M. Ukey MET 2000 1999MET016 Dhar P.L. Jain S.
Feasiblity study of fibre reinforced plastic panels for sidewalls for railcar using the finite element method Manohar R. Prabhuwaingankar MED 2000 1998MED011 Saha S.K. Seliger G.
Studies on automated manufacturablity assesment applied to grinding D Vinod Jacob MEP 2000 99MEP005 Rao P.V.M.
Analysis of time/cost overruns in project management Mgharaj L. Mane MEI 2000 1998MEI012 Shankar R.
Programming of dodekapod: A parllel manipulator Prakash Reddy Bande MEP 2000 98MEP013 Rao P.V.M Uhlmann I.E.
Analysis of flow and dust removal in electrostatic precipitators B. C. Roy PGT 2000 Roy B.C.
Application of aimulation in industry for shop floor planning and control Rajesh Uike MEI 2000 1999MEI012 Wadhwa S.
Optimal dynamic design studies of s machine tool structure using structural dynamic modification Dheeraj Kumar MED 2000 1999MED007 Nakra B.C. Kundra T.K.
Modelling of underwater Remotely operated vechile Atul S. Tayade MED 2000 1999MED002 Agarwal V.P. Mukherjee S.
Interfacial Damping at the turbine blade Shankar borate MED 2000 1999MED003 Rao J.S.
Development of a decision focussed e buisness model to simulate supply chain Amit garg MEI 2000 1998MEI002 Wadhwa S. Desmukh S.G.
Graphic dynamic simulation of automated devices in a prototypical disaassembly cell Nitin Bhutani MEP 2000 98MEP010 Wadhwa S. Seliger I.G.
Development of modified chip thickness model for estimation of surface roughness in grinding Mandeep Kumawat MEP 2000 1999MEP009 Rao P.V.
An experimental study on air and water spray interaction in cross flow P. Kishore Babu MET 2000 1999MET011 Kale S.R.
Optimization of super critical steam power cycles with placement of feed water heaters Mukesh chandra karan PGT 2000 99PGT013 Malhotra A.
Surface characterization by tungsten inert gas welding Vivek Pandey MEP 2000 1999MEP017 Pandey S.
Quality control a case of forging industry Amit Tak MEI 2000 1999MEI004 Gupta A.D.
Application of quality control techniques to muffler boxes under warranty scheme Amit Bansal MEI 2000 1999MEI002 Gupta A.D.
Modeling for information and inventory trade off in materials management Rupesh Gaur MEI 2000 1999MEI014 Deshmukh S.G.
Some studies on the effects of anisotropy and strain hardening in deep drawing Sanjeev kumar MEP 2000 Kumar D.R.
Investigation of group ignition phenoena of a cloud of coal particles Bhola nath PGT 2000 99PGT004 Ray A.
Study of Quasi-Static and cutting force induced tool deflection errors in cnc milling Y. Bhaskar MEP 2000 99MEP018 Rao P.V.M.
Investigation of bubbling fluidised bed combustion Ishpaul uppal PGT 2000 1999PGT007 Ray A.
The simulation and optimisation of material flow for a prototypical disassembly cell Pavan Kumar Gulati MEI 2000 98MEI015 Wadhwa S. Seliger I.G.
Model updating Rajkumar Gokharu MED 2000 98MED015 Markert I.R. Kundra T.K.
Design and development of a composite crutch Kumar Ashish MED 2000 99MED011 Singh S.P. Bhatnagar N.
Design and development of filament winding system for manufacturing of a composite shaft A. Bhoopathi MEP 2000 99MEP001 Bhatnagar N.
Modelling and analysis of an intelligent conveyor system Dinesh Sankala MED 2000 99MED008 Saha S.K. Mukherjee S.
Dynamic analysis of railway wheel axle set on curvrd track Dasi Satyanarayana MED 2000 1999MED006 Nath Y. Sachdevaq B.L.
Simulation of operating conditions for chiller performance and selection Mohd Nadeem MET 2000 1998MET013 Agarwal R.S.
Dynamic design of rotor system VIA updated finite element model Rajesh Kumar MED 2000 1999MED014 Kundra T.K. Tandon N.
Modelling of a manufacturing enterprize - A case study Vikas Pare MEI 2000 99MEI016 Wadhwa S
Development of an academic excellence model G Natarajan MEI 2000 99MEI008 Vrat P
Thermodynamic analysis of alternative refrigerants of R502 for low temperature applications Anil Khavate MET 2000 99MET004 Agarwal R.S.
Modelling and optimization studies of a mechatronic positioning system Chandrashekhar MED 2000 99MED004 Kundra T.K. Saha S.k.
Spare parts management a system dynamic approach P C Sen M.tech 2001 2000MEI013 Vrat P
Design and fabrication of fluid logic device Vikash Kumar 2001 MEP Juneja BL Kumar R
Buyer supplier relationship in E -buisness and online trust building :an analytical network process approach Vijay America 2001 2000MEI018 Shankar R(DOMS)
Design manufacture & testing of an experiment tape slit die for thermoplastic extrusion Manoj Soni 2001 1999MEP010 Sagar R Ghosh Ak
Dynamic design of drilling machine using direct method based finite element model& modification including buttentype viscoelastic dumper Rajiv Singh Bais 2001 2000MED003 Nakara BC Kundra TK
Design and fabrication og wear testing machine and study of fabricationand wearbehaviour of Al-SiCp composite for valve guide G Hemant Kumar 2001 1999MEP007 Sagar R
Development of monitering system for projects Saad Parvez 2001 2000MEI027 Kanda A
Expert system for joining of Al Kamble N Dayanand 2001 2000MEP019 Pandey S
Prediction of limiting draw ration and optimization of initial blank shape to minimum earing in axi-symmetric deep drawing using FEM Naval Kishor 2001 2000MEP009 Kumar D.Ravi
Computer base numerical analysis of hydrodynamic thrust bearing Lalit Kumar Mishra 2001 2000MED002 Athre K
IT enables supply chain management in an automobile industry-A case Study Dev Prasannna Kumar 2001 MEI Vrat P
End milling simulation using X-Y positioning system Milind Gajanan Kulkarni 2001 2000MEP015 Saha S K
Information flow in supply chain management Saurabh Agrawal 2001 2000MEI012 Shankar R
Selection of flatness measurment points in co-ordinate measuring machine inspection Murali Mohan Reddy 2001 2000MEP007 Rao V
Non-linear dynamic analysis of turbo pump rotor Ved Prakash 2001 MED Gupta K
Weld bead geometry and shape relationship in saw Amirtharaj Fitzgerald 2001 2000MEP025 Pandey S
A study of multupurpose technique to form fin on AL -Cu tubes by single point tool Mandar Gavali 2001 2000MEP010 Bhatnagar N
Global active controlof sound in a rectangular enclose Pravesh Kumar 2001 2000MED017 Pujara KK Singh SP
Improvement in drawability using hydro mechanical deep drawing process Ashwin G Mohadikar 2001 2000MEP021 Kumar D.Ravi
Dynamic design of drilling machine using updatedfinite element model based on model sensitivity& modification including constrained viscoelastic cantilever damper Anant Kumar Gupta 2001 2000MED019 Nakara BC kundra TK
Issue in dummy modelling for Car-Motorcyle Crash simulations Shiva kumar R iyer 2001 200MED001 Chawla A Mukherjee S
Effect of lubrication on punch force in deep drawing operation Ankur Gupta 2001 2000MEP005 Seth B
Numerical analysis of applicability of pultruded FRP profile compared to Al profile Mahesh Hamne 2001 1999MEP006 Wadhwa S Seliger S(NTU)
Some studies on material flow -A case of discrete manufacturing unit Amit Kumar 2001 2000MEI001 Deshmukh SG
Selection of process parameter for 1 mm thin Al plate with 1.6 mm dia fillere wire using ppulse MIG welding Hari Prasad Reddy 2001 2000MEP003 Pandey S
Assembly line balancing in a manufacturing concern Akhilesh Barve 2001 2000MEI017 Mahajan JM
Design and development of filament winding process using electronivc control Suresh Babu M 2001 2000MEP020 Bhatnagar N
Application of TPM in maintenance workshop-A case study M Bhardwaj 2001 28 Vrat P
Development of a predictive system for sheet bending operation Vishal Soni 2001 2000MEP002 Rao PVM
Prediction of strip temperature in hot rolling Preeti Choudhari 2001 2000MEP0012 Kumar DR
Study of Rolling of Al-SiC composite Anil Kumar Das 2001 2000MEP028 Sagar R
A supply chain management case study for SME Atul Sharma 2001 2000MEI023 Wadhwa S
Supply chain dynamics-A system perspective Amitesh N S 2001 99MEI003 Vrat P Wadhwa S
Computer aided project management Abhijit Chatterjee 2001 99MEI001 Mahajan JM
Project delays -Detailed analysis of different unit of a mega refinery project Samir Kumar 2001 Kanda A
Design improvement of manual steering system Dinesh Kumar Sahu 2001 2000MED 014 Saha SK Agrawal VP
IT infrastructure evaluation and implementation in call centre to enhance productivity Opinder Kumar Sharma 2001 1999MEI011 Shankar R
Process planning for layered manufactoring on a 2.5 axis milling machine Chandan Kumar Sarkar 2001 2000MEP001 Rao PVM
Determination and control of sound power radiated from a flate vibrating plate Shashank Chauhan 2001 2000MED010 Nakara BC Tondon N
Modelling and optimization of grinding of ceramics using surface roughness Pankaj Kr Shrivastava 2001 MEP Rao PVM
Study of sheet metal drawability with a tractrix-die Manish Kumar Jaiswal 2001 2000MEP016 Juneja BL Sagar R
Simulation of gas exchange process in manifold of IC engine Ajay Kumar singh 2001 1999MET001 Subbarao PMV
Mrerit order analysis of steam bolier furnaces of thermal power plant D Nath M.tech 2001 43 Subbarao PMV
Draft fans in thermal power plant and CAD for centifugal draft fan Rajesh jain M.tech 2001 44 Yahaya S M
Analytical prediction of thickness strain and punch force in axi-symmetric deep drawing Kandi Saritha M.tech 2001 45 Kumar D R
Nox formation and control from coal-fired power plants Mihir kumar pattanayak M.tech 2001 46 subrahmanyam J P
Numerical Study of cylindrical profile in unsteady flow Kishanjit Pal M.Tech 2002 2000MET009 Rai L H Jean
Evaluation of energy saving method in air conditioned buildings :case study of central library IIT Delhi Vineet Kumar M.Tech 2002 2000MET026 Gupta S.K Bansal N.K
design & development of micro hydropump &turbo pump S. Faridi M.Tech 2002 2001MET005 Jain S Subbarao PMV
Performance evalution of window type air condition with ecofrendly refrigent R-22 as alternative Rohit Chouhan M.Tech 2002 2001MET007 Agrawal R.S
Application of theory of constraints to improve the operation of a motercycle manufacturing unit Akula Prasad M.Tech 2002 MEI028 Kanda A
Design of a web enable mgt information system for orangnic food :a case of KVIC Debogin Patnaik M.Tech 2002 2001MEI010 Desmukh S.G
Design & development of supply chain model for organic for orangnic food :a case of KVIC AK Kamble M.Tech 2002 2001MEI014 Desmukh S.G
Statiscal process control of colour television for electronics industry Ankush Shukla M.Tech 2002 2001MEI026 Gupta A.D
Design & development of Quality assurance system for organic food a case of KVIC R. Khemraj Gedam M.Tech 2002 2001MEI013 Desmukh S.G
Development maintenance audit methodology Bipin Satya PGT 2002 2001PGT028 Yadva G.S
modelling of complete combustion history of a cool particle in quiescent atmosphere Prakash Kumar PGT 2002 2001PGT026 Ray A
Analysis for foil bearing design B.S. Jayanaga M.Tech 2002 2001MED020 Athre K Nath K
Study of abrasive wear bhaviour of Al-SiCp metal matrix composites Probir Saha M.Tech 2002 2001MEP026 Sagar R
Design & fabrication of caterpiller type pulling machine for pultrusion process Rajeshli UPadhya M.Tech 2002 2001MEP011 Bhatnagar N
Study of prediction models for thrust & torque in drilling Nachiket Despande M.Tech 2002 2001MEP016 Rao PMV
Finte element analysis of heat flow thermal stresses and residual Stresses in fusion are welding W.s. Uttamrao M.Tech 2002 2001MEP014 Pandey S Sehgal S.K
sudies on formability and biaxial flow behaviour in viscous pressure forming Yella Rambabu M.Tech 2002 2001MEP009 Kumar R
Effect of planar anisotropy on springback in plane strain bending Raju Dv M.Tech 2002 2001MEP019 Kumar R
Development 7 characterisation of fiber reinforced ceramics composites Prakash Bhutada M.Tech 2002 2001MEP001 Bhatnagar N
Dutomatics inspection path planning for inspecting simple external features on CMM Shaik Shamshoddin M.Tech 2002 2001MEP005 Rao V
Studies on pneumatics sensers & amplifiers P. Srinivas Rao M.Tech 2002 MEP003 Juneha B.L
Simulation & performance study of plate heat exchager B RR Singh M.Tech 2002 2001MET008 Jain S
computational fluids dynamics modeling of a 500MW tangentially fired tower type boiler Prabodh V.K PGT 2002 2001PGT020 Ravi M.R
Perforamance evalution & mathematical modeling of hermetric reciprocating comprsser &domestic refr. sachin Paramana M.Tech 2002 2001MET015 Agrawal R.S
Development & imple mentation of artificial porosity method for 2 d Conv.flows in complex domain Suyash Godbole M.Tech 2002 2001MET013 Ravi M.R Kohli S
Oil whirl phenomenia in 500 MW steam turbine bearing Adwait Charan Mohanty PGT 2002 2001PGT030 Athre K Subbarao PMV
Product quality Improvement through direct customer feedback Abhineet Tiwari MEI 2002 2001MEI002 Gupta A.D.
Radiative analysis of steam generator furnace Apurva Ghosh PGT 2002 2001PGT025 Subbarao P.M.V.
Design and FEM analysis of a cargo tank Amardeep Chauhan MED 2002 2001MED019 Saha S.K. Singh S.P.
Study of partially centralized decision scenarios in a supply chain model Nidhi Kesarwani MEI 2002 2001MEI004 Wadhwa S.
Model based crack identification in rotor systems Jayesh R. Jain MED 2002 2000MED005 Markert Ing.R. Kundra T.K.
Modelling and experimental verification of robot dynamics Arvind Patle MED 2002 2000MED007 Saha S.K. Seth B.
Development of GDI technology in 4-Stroke SI two wheeler engine using mechanical fuel Injection Neeraj Goswami MET 2002 2001MET020 Subbarao P.M.V.
Supply chain management in an electronics manufacturing concern Rajiv Kumar MEI 2002 2001MEI019 Mahajan J.M.
Some investigations into plasma enhanced oxygen arc peircing and cutting of stainless steel Anand Kumar Sawdia MEP 2002 2001MEP002 Pandey S.
Design of compliant mechanism for micro aerial vechile application Jitendra Prasad Khatait MED 2002 2001MED002 Mukherjee S.
Experimental Investigation on the effect of tool rake on cutting forces during orthogonal machining ofUD-GFRP Laminates Hemant Chouhan MEp 2002 2001MEP013 Juneja B.L. Bhatnagar N.
Drawing of non circular cups through tractrix die Manish Kadam MEP 2002 2001MEP018 Sagar R. Juneja B.L.
Demand estimation of bus passengers in delhi Vinay Singh MEI 2002 2001MEI022 Juneja S.
Sound intensity mapping & vibration studies based design of noise reduction system for a compressor Paras Jain MED 2002 2001MED003 Kundra T.K.
Dynamics of geared system Manish Kumar Purohit MED 2002 2001MED010 Gupta K.
CFD prediction of flow through a rectillinear cascade of steam turbine reaction blades 5530 Sudhansu Sekhar Sahoo MET 2002 2001MET011 Rai L. Singh S.N.
Development of a software package for calculation of thermodynamic properties of ammonia-water Binary mixture Pawan Kumar MET 2002 2001MET016 Subbarao P.M.V.
Design of air cooled condenser for thermal power plants Hemant Jethi PGT 2002 2001PGT022 Jain S.
Effect of drilling process parameters on the strength of UD-GFRP composite laminates Rahul Saxena MEP 2002 2001MEP008 Bhatnagar N.
Dynamic simulation of manual steering system using ADAMS T.V. Srikanth MED 2002 2001MED031 Saha S.K.
Study of sound transmission through panels Naveen Garg MED 2002 2001MED007 Aggarwal V.P. Pujara K.K.
Modeling of complete combustion history of a coal particle in quiescent atmosphere Prakash Kumar PGT 2002 2001PGT026 Ray A.
Finite element modeling of the human forearm Mallikarjun metri MED 2002 2001MED009 Chawla A. Mukherjee S.
Trajectory planning of a direct drive parllel robot manipulator Tariq Ansari MED 2002 2001MED005 Saha S.K.
Vibration control of shell structure Pardeshi Mahendra MED 2002 2001MED001 Singh S.P.
Conservative distributed simulation for manufacturing Mandaviya Riteshkumar D. MEP 2002 2000MEP011 Wadhwa S. Seliger Ing.G.
Development of models for supplier- Manufacturer relationship in SCM: A case study of telephone industry Arvind Jayant MEI 2002 2001MEI031 Wadhwa S.
Child dummy model development for study of car-child pedestrian impact Shashikant A. Gavhane MED 2002 2001MED004 Chawla A. Mukherjee S.
Analysis of fluid flow and fire safety in CNG buses N.V.V. Satyanarayana Koya MET 2003 2001MET001 Kale S.R.
Simulation and design of an efficient updraft pottery kiln Anand Kumar Choudhary MET 2003 2001MET010 Dhar P.L. Ravi M.R.
CFD study of seprated flow transition under steady and unsteady conditions Hemant D. Punekar MET 2003 2001MET004 Ravi M.R. Rai Lajpat
Formablity of galvanized interstitial free steel sheets Amit Kumar Gupta M.S. 2003 2000MEM004 Kumar D.R.
Rotor parameter identification in rotor stator contact Vasudeo Bhangale MED 2003 2001MED008 Kundra T.K Markert R(TUD G)
Impact of shot peening parameter on farigue life of leaf spring used in automative vehicle Mohan Lal MED 2003 2001MED027 Agrawal V.P
Design of low cost low energy cool storage Mahendra singh mehra Mtech thermal 2004 2002MET032 dhar P.L. jain sanjeev
Investigation on the sensor actuator based smart yoke for improved steering performance Anveer Adil Mtech Design 2004 2002MED002 saha S.K
Design and fabrication of injection mold for testing fibre reinforced thermoplastic composites Babu Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP021 bhatnagar naresh
Design and development of injection mold for shorter fibre composites flow behavior studies Chandra bhushan pathak Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP011 bhatnagar naresh
Optimization of blank shap and orientation in square cup deep drawing using FEM Battula Rambabu Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP017 ravikumar D.
Damping studies in short fibre reinforced composite materials Amit Sharma Mtech Design 2004 2002MED007 singh S.P. gupta K.K.
Simulation of Nox formation in coal fired steam generator C.K. Sharma Mtech Power generation technology 2004 2002PGT009 subrahmanyam J.P. ray anjan
Road accident reconstruction Lala ram patel Mtech Design 2004 2002MED012 mukherjee sudipto chawla anoop
Rationalization of a material flow in an automotive assembly plant using theory of constraints: A case Manmohan nayak Mtech Industrial 2004 2002MEI013 kanda arun
Studies on coal blends combustion in an existing furnace Vishwanath. M.S. Mtech Power generation technology 2004 2002PGT010 gadgil K.
Vibration and noise analysis of computer hard disk drives V.Vijay prakash rao Mtech Design 2004 2002MED024 agarwal V.P Tandon N.
An efficient analysis of elastohydrodynamically lubricated rolling/sliding concentrated elliptic contacts S.V.S Narayana Reddy Mtech Design 2004 2002MED009 athre K pandey R.K
Design and fabrication of new type of absorber for liquid desiccant systems D. Chandulal nayak Mtech thermal 2004 2002MET021 dhar P.L. jain sanjeev
Experimental studies related to pulvrised coal combustion Dilip kumar gupta Mtech Power generation technology 2004 2002PGT001 gadgil K.
Modelling and exprimental study of a wood-burning stove Sanjib kumar roy Mtech thermal 2004 2002MET019 kohli sangeeta ray anjan
Crash analysis of the RTV using MADYMO Ashish nayak Mtech Design 2004 2002MED003 chawla anoop Mukherjee sudipti
Reconfigurable tooling for vaccum forming process Tarique hussain Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP006 Madhusudhan rao P.V.
Modelling of complete combustion history of a coal particle with high ash content in a quiescent atmosphere Pankaj P Ekbote Mtech Power generation technology 2004 2002PGT002 ray anjan
Finite element analysis of drilling fiber reinforced plastic composites P. Vishwanath Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP007 bhatnagar naresh
Reliablity estimation and RCM application to tracked combat vechile using field data Maj Mahendra Prasad Mtech Industrial 2004 2002MEI037 wadhwa S. gandhi O.P
Automatic stup planning radiographic inspection of components Mandar D. Godbole Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP002 Madhusudhan rao P.V.
Dynamic analysis of misaligned rotor system Kunjal kumar singh Mtech Design 2004 2002MED004 Gupta K.
computational and experimental determination of laminar burning velocities of gaseous fuel mixtures Ratna kishore velamati Mtech thermal 2004 2002MET010 ravi M.R. ray anjan
Application of quality control techniques in an industry Shashank Dhabre Mtech Industrial 2004 2002MEI029 gupta A.D.
Technology forecasting for distributed power generation-A Case B. Vinay Prasad Mtech Industrial 2004 2002MEI001 deshmukh S.G.
Studies on vibration behavior of horizontal milling machine using finite element analysis and modal testing More Shantaram Ashok Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP016 rao P.V Kundra TK
Powder feeding mechanism for surfacing through plasma enhanced shielding metal arc welding Chakrapani. V Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP015 pandey sunil
Measuring turbine blade vibration using optical technique Prashant Mahiras Mtech Design 2004 2002MED031 gupta K.
Computation of flow over a pelton turbine bucket Sunil Kumar Pandey Mtech thermal 2004 2002MET026 Subbarao P.M.V.
Machining and tribological study of UD FRP composites MR. Nishikant kokane Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP019 bhatnagar N. bijwe J.
Experimental studies on fin tube condenser with delta winglets Hurshikesh R. Kulkarni Mtech Thermal 2004 2002MET008 agarwal R.S. Subbarao P.M.V.
An experimental study of heat transfer for a premixed flame Impinging normal on a flat surface Ankush T Gathibandh Mtech thermal 2004 2002MET022 ray anjan
Simulation of transient operation of nuclear/Thermal power plant Condenser Contractor Ankur Dipakbhai Mtech thermal 2004 2002MET012 Subbarao P.M.V.
Development of manpower planning model for the corps of EME Maj Kamal Dhawan Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP027 Wadhwa subhash
Condition monitoring for fault diagnosis of coal mill gear box of a power station N.K.P. Reddy Mtech Power generation technology 2004 2002PGT005 gandhi O.P
Optimization of transesterfication process for biodiesel production and use of biodiesel in compression ignition engine Lalta Prasad Mtech thermal 2004 2002MET031 Subrahmanyam J.P. subbarao P.M.V.
Effects of lubricant rheology in the inlet zone of elastohydrodynamically lubricated line contacts H.S. Maurya Mtech Power generation technology 2004 2002PGT008 pandey R.K
Validation of human body finite element models(Knee Joints) under impact conditions Abhijeet Parihar Mtech Design 2004 2002MED016 Chawla anoop Mukherjee sudipto
Ascertaining life cycle cost of a weapon system(A Model) Major barnabas p Rafi Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP025 Wadhwa subhash gupta AD
Design and fabrication of pin on drum wear testing machine and study the wear of metal matrix composites Mrinmoy Kaman Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP024 sagar R.
Foil bearing design and analysis Prakash Baliram vaidya Mtech Design 2004 2002MED021 athre K. nath Y.
Studies on improvement of dynamic stability of a drilling machine Billade Dayanand Bhaskar Mtech Design 2004 2002MED010 kundra T.K nakre B.C
Investigation of failures in thermit weld joints in rail tracks Vidyadhan T. Gedam Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP023 pandey S.
Auto routing , topology of optimization,and NC code generation of hydraulic manifold Aditya A. Achelrkar Mtech Production 2004 200MEP003 Madhusudhan rao P.V.
Effect of strain rate on mechanical properties of'IF' steel and 'LOW CARBON' Steel Vishal Dixit Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP009 ravi kumar D.
Design of viscoelastic split hopkinson pressure bar for soft biological tissues Babu D Jadhav MS(Research) 2004 2000MEM002 chawla anoop
Characterization of formablity of drawing quality and interstitial free steel sheets M. Vidyasagar Reddy Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP013 ravikumar D.
Studies on vaccum forming process Harish Naduthodi Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP026 sagar R. ghosh A.K
On improvement of accuracy of machined components In 3-Axis ball end milling V.S.S. kiran kolluru Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP005 Madhusudhan rao P.V
Streamlining the inventory policies of an electronics industry Swapnil A. Kanade Mtech Industrial 2004 2002MEI021 shankar ravi kanda arun
Fabrication of dies for cutting of soft materials Kailash Mali Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP022 sagar R.
Developmnt of concurrent mechanical engineering design model Dhanendra kumar nagwanshi Mtech Design 2004 2002MED022 kundra T.K
Tourist Demand estimation based on time series analysis Gaurav A. Jain Mtech Industrial 2004 2002MEI006 kanda arun
Model of Extended enterprise for a manufacturing industry Vinod Bokade Mtech Industrial 2004 2002MEI024 wadhwa subhash
Three dimnsional CFD modelling and analysis of 500MWe tangentially fired controlled circulation steam generator Srinivasa Murthy G Mtech Power generation technology 2004 2002PGT004 ravi M.R.
Deep hole drilling of small diameter holes in Al-SiC by electrochemical machining Edukondalu.P. Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP018 kumar rakesh sagar R.
Dilution control Using advanced gas metal arc welding process Ashutosh Chitrawanshi Mtech Production 2004 2002MEP012 pandey sunil
Development of framwork for strategic planning: A case Lokesh Vijayvargy Mtech Industrial 2004 2002MEI004 deshmukh S.G.
Semi-Active constrained layer damping in structural panels by using MR fluid Sunil R.Sonawane Mtech Design 2004 2002MED023 singh S.P. Nakre B.C
Inverse design of mechanical structure with viscoelastic damping treatment Shyamr Kishor Chaturvedi M.Tech 2005 2003MED0016 Nakra BC Kundra TK
Material characterization of soft tissues under tension Satyanarayana Gondu M.Tech 2005 2003MED0014 Mukherjee S chawla A
Evaluation of effectiveness of legs guard bars in an indian motorcycles using computer simulation Biradar Ashok Rudragoud M.Tech 2005 2003MED0001 Mukherjee S chawla A
Modeling and control of MR fluid based system Shankar Segal M.Tech 2005 2003MED0028 Saha SK Kar IN
Material characterization of soft tissues in compression and impact Marathe Ratnakar Shrikrishna M.Tech 2005 2003MED0020 Mukherjee S chawla A
Vendor selection and development module in the context of supplier relation management Narendra Kumar Shastri M.Tech 2005 2003MEE0012 Deshmukh SG
Modeling asset allocation for a securities portfolio SISIR Gupta M.Tech 2005 2002MEI018 seth K
Analysis and modeling of supply chain Prashant Binzlekar M.Tech 2005 2003MEE0019 Wadhwa S
Integrating productivity and quality in green productivity context for SMEs Khagendra Bhadur Basent M.Tech 2005 2003MEE022 Wadhwa S
Application of quality control technique in an organization Anil Kumar Pallanti M.Tech 2005 2003MEE0002 Gupta AD
Product life cycle management a case for knowledgement Vivek Verma M.Tech 2005 2003MEI020 Wadhwa S
Resource constrined project scheduling : Algorithm and application Ruchi Pandey M.Tech 2005 2003MEE0006 Kanda A
Application of Six sigma in manufacturing system in KM context Rajesh Kumar M.Tech 2005 2003MEE0004 Wadhwa S Gupta AD
Application of six sigma in supply chain management Santosh Wadhwa M.Tech 2005 2003MEE0008 Wadhwa S Gupta AD
Effect of process parameters on part strength in selective laser sintering G. Gopi M.Tech 2005 2003MEP006 Rao PVM Pandey PM
Experimental investigation into micro -EDM of AL-Sic Metal Matrix composite Anand Dev M.Tech 2005 2003MEP2266 Pandey PM Aravindan S
Design and development of biaxial test fixture and injection mold for fiber reinforced thermoplastics composite materials RK Bhardwaj M.Tech 2005 2003MEP2662 Bhatnagar N
To enhance the residual life of shock absorbimg pressure flange of railway coach through the welding Manoj Kumar M.Tech 2005 2003MEP0018 Pandey S
Some studies on formability in stretch forming using hydraulic counter pressure Vikram Patrikar M.Tech 2005 2003MEP0001 Kumar R
Study of effect of annealing temperature on deep drawing and combined deep drawing -ironing processess of interstitial steelsheet Romesh Agarwal M.Tech 2005 2003MEP0011 Kumar R
Improved IPCM for Integrating reversing engineering and rapid prototyping Kumbhar Vijay Kallappa M.Tech 2005 2003MEP009 Rao PVM Pandey PM
Experimental study and finite element analysis of deep drawing of square cups using tractrix die Ved Prakash Pandey M.Tech 2005 2003MEP0012 Sagar R Gupta OP
Study of drilling of fiber reinforced plastics composite materials Mukesh Kumar Jaluthariya M.Tech 2005 2003MEP0017 Bhatnagar N
Development of roughing electrode for sugar mill rolls Nitin Jharia M.Tech 2005 2003MEP0021 Pandey S
Comparative performance of mobile air conditioning system with and without secondary loop Vijay Kumar M.Tech 2005 2003MET0016 Agarwal RS
Ash deposition studies on heat exchanger tubes B. Panigrahi M.Tech 2005 2003JPG0025 Kale SR
Prediction and control of erosion wear pattern in slurry pump casing using CFD Vipin Tyagi MSR 2005 2003MEY001 Ravi MR P KV
Design of heat exchanger for the utilization of flue gas for utilizaation of flue gas for air conditioning Abhijit Majumdar M.Tech 2005 2003JPG0023 jain S
Experimental study of capturing of airborne particles by sprays in a counter flow gravity tower Yogendra Suryavanshi M.Tech 2005 2003MET0021 Kale SR
Experimental study of fluid flow and heat transfer through nanoscales porous media Chandekar Pradeep Gopal M.Tech 2005 2003MET0023 Subbarao PMV
Numerical and experimental study of plate heat exchanger Aniruddha A Joshi M.Tech 2005 2003MET0005 Jain S
Design of a gas to gas turbine heat exchanger for microstructure plants shankar Segal M.Tech 2005 2003MET0021 Jain S Rai L
Development of energy efficient frost free domestic refrigerator Vishal Kumar M.Tech 2005 2003MET002 Agrwal RS Jain S
Experimental investigation of heat transfer from surfaces by spray Nitin Karwa M.Tech 2005 2003MET0001 Kale SR Subbarao PMV
Investigation of bi-directional flow behaviour of a large opening Bhuvneshar Gera M.Tech 2005 2003MET0026 Ravi MR
Simulation and analysis of erosion in power plant steam generator Vidhya Dhar Naik M.Tech 2005 2003JPG0015 Subbarao PMV
Study of dust laden flows in duct Vinay Ranjan Mathur M.Tech 2005 2003JPG0022 Kale SR Pitchumni B
Experimental determination of temperature field of burner stablized premixed flame Jitendra Singh Verma M.Tech 2005 2003MET0009 Ray A
Multidimension modeling of motored S.I engine Jasdev Singh M.Tech 2005 2003MET0022 Subrahmanyam JP Ravi MR
Wire and plate type electrostatic precipitator modeling Anil Kumar Singh M.Tech 2005 2003JPG0016 Kale SR
Experimental study onreciprocating hermatic compressor with barrel shape piston Santosh Kumar Sonkar M.Tech 2005 2005MET2242 Agarwal RS Pandey(ITMMEC) RK
Thermoelectric Cooling system fore electronoc cooling Thati Shiava Krishna M.Tech 2005 2005MET jain
Design and analysis of pico gas turbine Suvajyoti Guha M.Tech 2005 2005MET mukhrjee S
Analysis of gas flow through micro channel of various configuration kiran Rao Kambaly M.Tech 2005 2005MET Kale SR
Develoment of field worthy powdery biomass gasifier for rural application mohit Pushp M.Tech 2005 2005MRT Gaur RR Kohli S
Analysis and experimentation on LPG/ Biogas fired pottery kiln alelign Fekade G M.Tech 2005 2005MET3082 dhar PL RAVI MR
Development of mechanical injection system for GDI engine in 4 stroke two wheeler and its performance analysis Punit Kumar Singh M.Tech 2005 2005MET2233 Subramanium JP
Study of spray colling on enhanced surfaces Srinivasa Rao Polisetty M.Tech 2005 2005MET2227 Kale SR Subbarao PVM
Numerical and experimental analysis of biogas enrichment using vortex tube M. Sreenu M.Tech 2005 2005MET2244 Subbarao PMV Vijay VK
Aerodynamic study on a public transport bus with open windows Manoj S M.Tech 2005 2005MET2229 Kale SR Veeravalii SV
To identify the potential of dielthyl ether as supplementry fuel for CI engine Absar M Lakdawala M.Tech 2005 2005MET3193 Subramanium JP Babu MKG
Analysis of flow of short glass fiber filled polymer composite in injection molding and numerical predictionof fiber orientataion Hemant V Gedam M.Tech 2005 2005MET2242 Subbarao P PMV Bhatnagar N
IT driven process improvement in Indian Air force Yalla Umesh M.Tech 2005 2003MEE0021 Deshmukh S G
Reengineering initiative in vendor and spare parts managements in an army workshop Colonel Sanjay Verma M.Tech 2005 2003MEE0013 Deshmukh S G
Evaporative cooling of intake air for gas turbines R. Sivakumar Power Gneration technology 2006 2004JPG2389 kale S.R. singh(NTPC) S.K
A numerical study of the effect of roughness on Turbin blade cascade performance Harikaran Singh Power Gneration technology 2006 2004JPG2387 rai lajpat kale S.R.
Multi Dimnsional Modlling of In cylinder Internal combustion engine processes Niraj Shah Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2512 subrahmanyam J.P. ravi M.R.
Thermodynamic Simulation of hybrid Oxide fuel cell-Gas turbine power plant Rayapati Subbarao Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2600 subbarao P.M.V.
Failure & Oil and wear debris analysis of primary air fan bearing and maintenance Vinay Kumar Rastogi Mtech Power Generation technology 2006 2004JPG2384 gandhi O.P
Plume And water-mist interaction studies Praveen James Sanga Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2513 kale S.R. ray anjan
Feasiblity study of elimination of low pressure steam in rankine cycle using kalina cycletechnology Joseph A.M. Mtech Power Generation technology 2006 2004JPG2383 subbarao P.M.V.
Numerical Simulation of heat and mass transfer processses within a seasonal snowpack Rakesh kumar Aggarwal Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2658 ravi M.R. mahajan puneet
Analysis of heat transfer in micro melting and solidification processes Jagannadh kiran kumar M Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2525 subbarao P.M.V.
In operation damage monitoring of structure Vishal K. Dodiya Mtech Design 2006 2004MED2469 gupta K. Darpe A.K
Performance study of hermetically sealed reciprocating refrigrant compressor by creating foaming in lubricant Lt.Col. Ajay Uniyal Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2659 agarwal R.S pandey R.K
Aerodynamic studies on a public transport bus Mukesh M Yelmule Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2518 Kale S.R. veeravalli SV
Design and development of biaxial test fixture and injection mold for fibre reinforced thermoplastic composite materials RK Bhardwaj Mtech Production 2006 2004MEP2662 bhatnagar naresh
Design and analysis of bogie for high speed locomotive application Devesh kumar singh Mtech DEsign 2006 2003MED0018 gupta K.
Analysis of advanced gas turbine cycles Adibhatla Sairam Mtech Power Generation technology 2006 2004JPG2391 subbarao P.M.V.
Mathematical modelling of working capital dcisions Prashant P. Patil Mtech Industrial 2006 2004MEE2490 seth kiran
CFD modelling of low and part load operation of 110 MW tangentially fired boiller Raj Pal Singh Mtech Power Generation technology 2006 2004JPG2385 ravi MR
Mathematical modelling of leakage distribution in rotary regenerators Anand Prakash Mtech Power Generation technology 2006 2004JPG2388 kohli sangeeta jain sanjeev
Design and performance Evaluation of steam Ejector System; A combined Thermodynamic and CFD Approach Vishwas Kumar pandey Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2520 subbarao P.M.V.
Particle removal from turbulent air flow by drops Avinash kumar Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2517 kale S.R.
Active constrained layer damping treatment for vibration control of plates Sanjay kumar meena Mtech Design 2006 2004MED2460 singh S.P.
Study of spray cooling of hot surfaces Ramesh Babu Pathuri Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2516 kale S.R. subbarao P.M.V.
Thermal mapping of hermetically sealed reciprocating refrigrant compressor Giriraj Agarwal Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2521 agarwal R.S pandey R.K
Experimental study of fluid flow and heat transfer through micro porous mmbrane Swayam prakash Kutar Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2514 agarwal R.S subbarao P.M.V.
Experimental analysis of heat transfer and pressure drop in fin tube heat exchanger using delta winglet with common flow up configuration Rakesh Kumar Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2523 agarwal R.S subbarao P.M.V.
Study of stagnation flame Ankur Gupta Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2524 ray anjan
Material Charecterization of human bone under impact by inverse mapping in FE Simulations Aditya Shekhar Mtech Design 2006 2004MED2471 Chawla anoop Mukherjee sudipto
Theoretical and experimental studies on air journal bearing Dinesh Sirasat Mtech Design 2006 2004MED2464 athre K. pandey R.K
A framework for performance measurement of supply chains Amit Tripathi M.S. (research) 2006 2002MEM003 kanda arun
Investigation of condition monitoring for extremely slow speed rolling bearings and its extension to air preheater Akhil Agarwal Mtech Power Generation technology 2006 2004JPG2390 gandhi O.P tandon naresh
Study of ISO13232 FST side impact configurations through computer simulations V. pavan kumar Mtech Design 2006 2004MED2476 chawla Anoop Mukherjee sudipto
Modelling and optimization of surface roughness in selectiv laser sintering process Bacchewar Prashantkumar Balajipant Mtech Production 2006 2004MEP2507 pandey P.M
CFD modelling of primary air coal flow in a coal mill Ratanakar Mtech Power Generation technology 2006 2004JPG2392 ravi MR
Studies in high tempratur natural convection in opn vertical ducts Jonnalagadda Ravi Mtech Thermal 2006 2004MET2511 kohli sangeeta ray anjan
Process mapping and scheduling for an SME: A case study Yogesh R. Shiudkar Mtech Industrial 2006 2004MEE2492 Wadhwa S.
Deformation and stress analysis of HP inner casing Harshavardhan Devadig Mtech Design 2006 2003MED0017 gupta K.
Knowledge management: Devlopment of a KM model for small and micro enterprises Abhishk Nath Mtech Industrial 2006 2002MEI031 Wadhwa S.
Simulation of supply chain of a company Rahul Shami Mtech Industrial 2006 2004MEE2478 Wadhwa S.
Smart yoke Implementation to the manual rack and pinion steering system Gopala rao thulugu Mtech Design 2006 2004MED2473 saha S.K kar I.N
A fuzzy multi criteria decision making approach for vendor selection in a supply chain Galli Prasad Mtech Industrial 2006 2004MEE2488 Wadhwa subhash
Assembly line balancing and layout planning for overhaul of trank engines Col Dinesh Chaudhary Mtech Industrial 2006 2004MEE2482 kanda arun
System Study of aviation maintenance Major Shiv Yadav Mtech Industrial 2006 2004MEE2597 Deshmukh SG
Design and development of micro injection molding machine for metal injection molding(MIM) Vikash Kumar Mtech Production 2006 2004MEP2498 bhatnagar naresh